Operation Keto: Welcomes you!

Operation Keto: Officially launched on the 9th of March, 2018!  It is a food blog, chronicling the keto recipes I have been trying, will be trying, and enjoying; paired with recordings of my favorite singers, alive or otherwise, for the day.

I was dreaming of starting a food blog, combined with a means, to share my favorite vocal recordings and weight loss updates with my family and friends. I was surprised, thrilled at how quickly it took on a life of it’s own!

This blog is my voice on the fitness industry, government involvement, healthy food and sustainability.  I won’t post every day obviously, but I will share new recipes, experiments, daily staples and keto cheat meals I try.  If more people become interested, I will include recipes and macros.  But, for now, follow my journey through keto and Intermittent fasting!

There are more ways to reach me if you have questions, concerns or inquiries:

Email: info@operanationketo.com

Facebook: @OperaNation Keto: