Long Awaited Number #56!


So folks, I really do apologize for our absence, but I have been keeping up some on Instagram, which you should follow @operanationketo, if you don’t already. Since I wrote here last, we have moved from New Mexico to Texas, we have had a close death in the family, and as a result, we have fallen away from keto, and found our way back.  Life will constantly throw you incredible, unbelievable curve balls.  But, I urge you to find your way back to a lifestyle that you know works for you.  Obviously at this point, you know my bias towards keto, but I am also a proponent of “whatever works for you.”  Keto is what works for me.

I am currently in hour 36 of a fast.  Based on the last three weeks of eating copious amounts of “easy to feed a bunch of people” food, I felt I needed a factory reset.  As we prepare for our European Audition Tour where we will surely not be eating keto, I wanted to at least leave the U.S. on a better foot than I was on.  Living with a few other people no matter if they are family, or not, always adds a layer of confusion and extra planning necessary to keep up on a very strict diet, which quite honestly, we were not keeping up with during the month of August.

September is our month of travel, so we will not be eating strictly keto, however, we will be fasting intermittently, and sometimes every other day.  As I said earlier, I am attempting a longer fast, and will continue to reset my gut when I feel like I’ve eaten a heavy meal.  Luckily, Europe is a great place to walk…a lot.  That is exactly our plan.

Lockhart is a great little town outside of Austin.  It is world famous for it’s barbeque.  People come from all over the world, drive right past Austin, and come in droves to SMITTY’S Market to eat BBQ.  I have been no different.  It is easy to eat well there, in order to not worry about carbs.  The only catch is that the closest organic vegetables are in South Austin, so we plan on moving into town as soon as we return from our travels.  Make sure you follow our travel blogs later on this month.  There will be plenty!

Thank you faithful readers for your patience. We are back with a vengeance.


Happy Eating,

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