Keeping it Real While Traveling or Moving


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Let me be the one voice on the internet that doesn’t sugar-coat, or present falsehoods when it comes to falling off the wagon.  It happens.  Especially in stressful situations, like moving, or when visiting family.  Instead of spending the whole time beating yourself up, realize that you are in a super stressful situation, or alternatively in a ‘vacation mode’.  Now, if you are chronically stressed, that doesn’t mean you should forget about your diet, it means you should reprioritize what’s important to you.  Chronically high cortisol levels is detrimental to your wellness, your weight, and your overall happiness.  Don’t be a person who has life happen to them.  BUT.

If you are on vacation, here are my tips:

Where are you?  Is the food fantastic?  Eat it!  I’m going to Rome soon.  I will be having pasta. Sorry, not sorry.

Are you with family you haven’t seen in a year/ or three? Eat!

But, know that as long as you were cheating, is as long as it will take you to get back on track, and that the keto-flu sucks more, the more times you go through it, not less. Not what you might think.  I went to the Bay Area and tried my hardest to keep keto, until I had failed a few times and sugar took over as my primary metabolic fuel. Then we went to Austin to go cake tasting for our wedding etc etc. So my vacation was a ‘failure’ as far as my diet was concerned.  However, since returning home, I lost all the weight (20 lbs! Yes…20) except three pounds.  So, if you are willing to continuously blow it for three weeks, be ready to intermittently fast religiously, and count carbs, religiously, if being in ketosis and/ or losing poundage is important to you.  By Friday, I will have lost weight, and be the least amount I have been since  2015.  Just be willing to fast, and be hungry while your body burns the dregs of it’s glycogen stores.  It sucks, it makes you feel horrible, however, fasting makes it go faster.  Ketosis, and feeling high from drinking water is on the other side. WELL WORTH IT.

One great way that has worked for me is fasting at work.  Drink tons of salty water, or at least electrolyte water, and wait until you get home to eat.  It guarantees that you adhere to your IF schedule.  It also, to everyones advantage, makes it so that you don’t go to bed hungry.  Which is a big deal for me.  I HATE going to sleep while my stomach growls, which always happens to me when I keep an early window.  It’s easier to skip breakfast and lunch, than lunch and dinner.  At least for me.  It may affect the scale when you weigh yourself in the morning.  But do you care about your weight, or your health? If you weigh yourself every day,  I strongly suggest you don’t.

Whatever you do, just, get, back, on, it.  I gained 20 pounds in three weeks.  But, guess what, ketosis feels like magic, but it’s science, and I lost those same 20 pounds in the following three weeks.  Where are you willing to put your effort?  In an eternal bulk? Or, in dropping the weight you gained while you were out and about?  Now I have to say, if you are adhering to a nutritional ketotic diet to cure your cancer…DON’T EAT WHATEVER! But, did I really have to say that…?  I feel like you, my readers are of above average intelligence.  Be sensible…actually don’t, that’s what got us to where we are, obese and wishing for things to be different.  So instead, be strict, until you say to yourself…”YES, this is worth it.”  Then, when things quiet, return to what you know has made you progress, and do it, as if your life depended on it, because it does.

Chuch, Happy Eating,

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