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I’ve been thinking of a way to explain this feeling for a while, but I’m writing this blog in particular, because I know I’m not alone in this harmful behavioral pattern. In any case, this is how I have experienced the progression of the keto diet. We spend so much time, especially as beginners, trying to mentally compile a list of keto acceptable/ not acceptable foods.  We become obsessed and restrict our diets to make them simple, so simple in fact that we become bored. After this, commonly, people tend to look for keto cheat recipes. The next stage is the make or break stage, for most people that give keto a full effort.  We become tired of needing a bunch of different keto ingredients around in order to eat foods we miss.  Cooking becomes cumbersome.  And this, is when we convince ourselves that keto is too complicated, expensive and burdensome. Bravo if you have made it that far.  It was a huge step for me to get tired of a diet that I knew was sustainable lifelong.  It was even a bit emotional.

Cheating on your diet does not make you a failure, saying “Whatever, forget about it, I’m gonna go binge” doesn’t either, contrary to popular belief.  But, the issue I’d like to address is that I’m offering a reframing option for you.  Instead of jumping off the deep-end, return to the basics.  Instead of making a 15-ingredient project dinner, prepare 4 one-ingredient foods: steak, spinach, eggs, and asparagus.  It’s nice to indulge and make a keto chocolate pie every once in a great while, but those calorie-dense, fatty desserts are not the beginning, and the end of the keto food list.  They are marginally acceptable in fact.

Eating whole, organic foods, what I call one-ingredient foods, is a vital step to become a healthy person.  Although I’m very much in the middle of the process, I can’t say enough times, that you should keep it simple.  It’s worked for us.  Besides, I’m sure you would agree, reliving the keto flu every 2 months gets tiresome.  In the end it’s easier to resist sugar cravings, than the chemicals of joy, pleasure, and immediate regret, shame, not to mention, subsequent diarrhea.  I suppose it’s a bit redundant at this point to say, but I have suffered from emotional eating and binge eating disorder.  Being raised on cinnamon toast crunch and instant ramen certainly didn’t help.  Breaking binging habits is hard.  I am not trying to down play that at all, but I am telling you that if you fight sugar cravings for 2-3 weeks, and eat whenever you want, not caring about intermittently fasting, they will go away.  I say not to focus on intermittent fasting because, you can later, once you aren’t hooked on a lifelong addiction anymore.

I have spoken with some older people who say “I ate healthy today, I had toast and jam for breakfast a banana and a gatorade for lunch and mashed potatoes with corn on the cob and an artichoke.”  But ignorance can be rectified, why do some of us, who have the knowledge sneak carbs, like a weekend beer, or cookie with coffee, and wonder why we crave the next thing down our list of the first foods we are going to eat when we break keto next.  You do it too, don’t lie.

All I ask, is that next time, instead of blaming the keto berry cheesecake for being overly complicated, try eating a bacon cheeseburger with a salad.  If you become exasperated with keto pancakes and cauliflower grilled cheese sandwiches, eat a cucumber and a chicken drumstick.  How’s that for complicated. Most of all try new things.  If you don’t know the nutritional information of a vegetable, you most likely have a google in your pocket that knows.

Chuch, Happy Eating,


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