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Everybody I talk to about keto, has similar concerns:  Dining with friends, cost, and keto on the road. So I thought I’d give a few quick tips on how to approach the keto diet no matter the obstacles.

As far as dining with friends is concerned, this all depends.  Are your friends keto?  Do they mind eating what you make?  You could make a keto meal and not announce it as such, like the vegans do, parading about, on their high horses of misinformed, “ethical”, veggie eating prowess.  Alternatively, you could offer them some carby side dish …and not eat it…just sayin’.  Or, if you are out at a restaurant, you could order butter-sauteed veggies and a steak for dinner.  As many excuses as you can think of, there are also as many resolutions to your issue. You could say you’ve already eaten, or that your stomach is upset, if you don’t feel like explaining that fasting doesn’t make you anorexic.  I love it when people look at me and honestly ask whether I am anorexic or not. lol.  I’m 60 lbs. overweight, and technically obese; quite the opposite of anorexic.

Another thing that you don’t necessarily have to announce to everyone is: how much do you actually like these people?  When’s the last time you saw them? Are they famous for making life-altering cheesecake?  If you haven’t seen them in 4 years, maybe one slice of their cheesecake won’t kill your momentum.  The only issue I take with this logic is, how many celebrations are you gonna have? Everyone else’s existence can’t be the reason for you to fail.  Your diet is your business.  Keto requires dedication. It requires that you live this way most of the time.  As a coach I cannot say that you will never fall of the proverbial wagon.  In fact, I can promise that you will.  Choose wisely.  For instance, we are going to Rome in the fall, am I supposed to not eat pasta? Ha!  You go to Rome and try!

But, what I can tell you, is that there will be at most, 4 occasions I won’t eat keto, between now and mid-September. Do the math.  If every time you break the keto diet, it takes you a full week to get back on, and you have 100 lbs to lose, how many weeks are you willing to forfeit for what you are about to do.  Consciousness around what we eat, is the missing link in the S.A.D. (Standard American Diet.)  Above all, quality food reigns supreme.

Cost.  I’ll keep this brief because I’ve spoken before, many times, on the subject.  Fast.  Yes, quality food costs more.  Keto and Fasting in combination is the best way to drop weight, lower insulin, boost testosterone, HGH, STOP epileptic seizure, clear auto-immune deficiency, halt Alzheimer’s, starve cancer, and get healthy.  If you snack constantly, and eat 4, 5, or 6 meals a day, you never let your internal organs rest.  You never reach even a mild state of ketosis, and so, are eating a difficult diet…for nothing at all, except to punish yourself.  Think long and hard about what losing this weight is worth. Why are you doing this? How much are you willing to change about what you are doing, and how you do things?

As a travel food blogger, I have the distinct privilege to be writing in my 3rd state in 2 days.  I’ve been in California, New Mexico, and Texas since yesterday. And the real reason for todays post is the question I’ve received the most.  What about when you are on the road?  Isn’t it hard to stay on it?

The first thing is airport time.  Fast!  I never eat at the airport anymore.  I buy coffee, black coffee.  I do not, on the other hand buy a shitty $14 sandwich.

Another thing! Pardon my digression. This low blood sugar excuse I hear from every direction is completely absurd.  Do you have diabetes? Then, yes, low blood sugar should concern you.  Hunger,  and measurable medical low blood sugar are two completely different things.  Who are you trying to fool?

What if there’s only fast food around, and it’s late, and I haven’t eaten?  I say, eat fast food.  BUT THEN, FAST!  Don’t eat until the following day. However, I implore you, don’t wonder why you feel like death.  You can recover, if you allow your stomach to rest. By….not eating, if you must, break your diet. But, it will have consequences. Don’t come to me, and ask, “why is this happening?” If you eat a brownie, don’t be upset when you gain weight.  Intelligent people often approach me for advice, and are shocked by my simple answers to the most complicated question. i.e.:

Person: “I ate at 2pm, and then not until 4 the next day and I gained weight! What’s happening to me? I am broken.”

Me: “What did you eat?”

Person: “Well, we arrived in Louisiana, we travelled all day, I ate peanuts and crackers on the plane and nothing else.  Oh! But then I ate a battered shrimp Po’ Boy, fries, and a diet Coke!  But it was Diet! Oh then I had some rice crackers in the hotel room…”

Me: “Next time, try butter and broccoli, and a bun-less bacon cheese burger. Also try eating once.”

I’m not even going to go into the diet soda issue.  It’s garbage, more garbage than a regular soda and does nothing but bloat you and make you fat. End of Rant.

As I was saying, intelligent people often have the sneakiest, most weasely reasoning as to why they cant do what they know is right. They over complicate everything, and make problems where there are none. Honestly, I’m not tooting my own horn or anything, but this is the hardest issue for me.  Dealing with toddler reasoning in myself, and shutting it down.  “but I” reasoning makes the scale only go in one direction. “So I” makes it go the other way.

Changing your diet is so hard. It’s the hardest thing I’ve tried besides classical singing, and being in a successful relationship. People want this to be easy.  It’s not. Sorry.  When has anything in your life been easy, if it didn’t happen by accident. Why are you waiting for an easy fix to a complex, and life long habitually exacerbated problem.  It doesn’t exist. Stop looking.  Fix the problem.  When I spent three weeks obsessing over eating schedule, fasting became easy.  We broke a 36 hour fast yesterday. Practice, you aren’t going to just jump into a 7-day fast.  Nor should you.  Work your way up.  If you can do 8 hours, GREAT!  Next time, try 10.  Just keep moving forward.


Peace from Austin!
Chuch, Happy Eating,

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