Food for Thought pt. 2


Your food becomes your thoughts.




Changing, and reframing damaging thinking loops can be the hardest part of any diet.  But there are universal thought processes that all overweight people perpetuate in order to convince themselves that their diet isn’t right for them, and ketosis is no different. When it comes to keto, I mean that waiting to feel the results of nutritional ketosis can be particularly difficult for people who are used to the immediate satisfaction that high glycemic carbs provide.  There are physiological, hormonal imbalances that cannot be rectified, if you eat carbs on the weekend, if your resting insulin is high (which it is, if you have a gut.)  When you break in and out of metabolic fuels every week, you forfeit all of the health benefits of nutritional ketosis.   All the while, we don’t realize that hormones, and gut flora are drastically altered by dietary input, and so, change our thoughts, mood and ultimately actions.

This fact is so simple, and obvious, that it’s completely ignored in the discussion of our health.  The proverbial elephant in the room. What we eat changes the molecules being made in our brains and bodies. Every time you decide to eat a low-carb meal instead of a high-carb, you are gaining control over your “thoughts” and “cravings”, and mood.”  I’m not denying that cravings aren’t real.  Sugar withdrawal is real.  Let me be clear.  But, staying full on fat, and protein is a very simple way to keep those cravings at bay until your body stops craving the sugar. The morbidly obese, a group in which, I, at one point, included myself think that losing weight and changing your bodies basic energy metabolism and function won’t be uncomfortable.  Or on the other hand, that it will be so hard that it’s impossible for a million reasons (cost, friends, beer) whatever the scarecrow.  In reality, it’s neither.  Yes it is changing metabolic fuels, yes it’s hard. But, not like learning a language, or how to ride a bike, or like learning a classical art.  It is possible, it may be life altering, but it is like any change, uncomfortable until you know what to expect. That’s ALL.

 In this ongoing blog series I have been addressing concerns about switching to a ketogenic diet.  But, what about beyond making it through the initial fat adaption phase?  Do you think trying a new skill for three weeks makes you a master?  Give you brain time to make a lasting and meaningful transition before you call the ketogenic experiment a dud.  I promise you won’t.  Even if you decide not to continue as a full fledged keto adapted eater, it’s too powerful a tool for fat loss and body optimization (inflammation reduction) to ignore.

There is emerging evidence that Keto helps fight depression anxiety, and a slew of other cognitive functions.  Glucose is not preferred to ketones in the brain.  I’m not a bio chemist, but I can tell you from experience, my mind is calm in a way that it has never been before.  I know what I’m doing is right for me, and my body.  As if those were separate.  Smart, obese people trick themselves (me included, lol) into thinking that their mind is separate from their ailing body.  We say that our bodies are simply vehicles for our minds.  This comes from, at least in my case, a denial of exactly how bad things had actually gotten.  The worst it got for me, luckily was just out of control and not to a point where a ketogenic lifestyle literally saved my life.  But, that aside, it has raised the quality of my life exponentially against the amount of time I’ve been strictly adhering.

The weight I’ve lost, is about as fast as I’m comfortable with (60lbs in 6 months.)  But I’m telling you, that it is only a happy side effect.  The way I feel, the energy I have throughout my work day is more than ever, with no 3 pm naptime!

 The ability to think clearly, linearly and quickly, along with the desire for action, is directly linked to my meals from the previous day.  “You are what you eat” isn’t so far off.  Although I would ammend it to: “what you eat become electrical impluses in your brain that become thoughts.  Make more conductive pathways, that get there faster, cleaner and more efficiently. But, only if you want to be content.”

Chuch, Happy Eating,

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