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It’s a difficult thing to be doing well on your food and not seeing immediate results.  Especially when you feel like you are sacrificing foods that you love.  What I have found is that, to no surprise, the foods I wish I could still eat, are all super carb dense.  E.g. noodle soup, cinnamon rolls, etc.  This is my brain missing the drugs.  And as long as I remind myself that being fat-adapted doesn’t mean you never crave sugar, I keep calm and keto on. 


 This idea of a set weight has calmed my mind as well.  Your body wants to maintain weight.  It wants to work as much as you do. This is exactly why calorie restriction has never, and will never work.  You diet down to a weight that is unsustainable, based on how little you are feeding yourself, especially with tasteless, low fat foods, and as soon as you eat anything with any calories, you shoot up ten pounds in the night.  Everybody knows what I’m talking about, if they’ve tried to lose weight.  It turns out that fasting, and eating until you are really full , is the best way to lose some serious weight.  I still have a hard time believing that what I’m doing, is working.

That being said, yesterday I hit an important milestone.  I broke 250 lbs.  This has been an illusive weight that I have been trying to get to since December, two years ago.  If you had told me that eating to capacity, and not eating other times was the way to do it, frankly, I wouldn’t have believed you.

I know it’s cliche to say that you should have small goals in mind.  But, this is how successful people do things.  Losing weight should be no different.  Imagine if it were your job.  Imagine it were something you were forced to do out of necessity.  Why do we wait for health crises to do anything about feeling good?  Is the way we feel so far down our priority lists that we don’t even realize that feeling good will help productivity? There are very few people that truly and honestly don’t know how to be healthy.  If you ask the most ignorant person how to eat healthily, inevitably they will say, “eating salad.”  Add fat to that equation, and they aren’t wrong.  Take this weight loss thing slowly, and a pound at a time.  I spent nearly two months at 260 lbs.  It was demoralizing.  I ate perfectly.  But, upon remembering past plateaus, 283 was waaaaaay worse.  I counted calories religiously for months, and never moved.  Until I broke my diet and shot to my heaviest weight ever, 310 lbs.  

Keep your eye on the prize.  Health.  Health isn’t a number on the scale.  Health is not good blood work.  Health is energy and lightness of foot, it’s willingness to continue down the path of righteousness even though the going gets tough, because you know it’s what is right for your body.  It is a feeling of strength. Create smaller reachable weight goals and fitness goals separately.   Make your goals have rewards at the end.  I reached 250, so we are going to the local amusement park, instead of a restaurant, like in the past. I can finally fit on rides.  Now that’s a celebration.

Chuch, Happy Eating,


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