BHB and Sugar


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The laws of Physics apply to us all.  But what we seem to forget when it comes to our diets, is that they also apply to every single cell in our bodies.  Most of the time, the fitness industry pushes that “move more eat less” slogan of theirs that every fat person hates with the fire of a thousand suns.  But remove it from the fitness industry’s jargon, and consider that when you eat sugar, you bypass one of the body’s premier jet fuels, beta hydroxybutyrate, one of the ketones, for a fuel that your body breaks down so quickly that it literally changes which fuel your body prefers to metabolize.  Sugar hijacks your metabolism. Inflames it.  Water-logs it.  Turns it to a malfunctioning system that is more likely to allow for genetic mutations and cancers, because it’s fighting too many small fires.  Beta hydroxybutyrate has been found to interrupt the brain’s inflammation signaling.  It reduces bodily inflammation, merely by it’s existence.  

The fuel your body receives from fats is clean, long-lasting, and reduces inflammation all over the body.  The power houses of your cells, the mitochondria, run more efficiently on ketones, as does the brain.  They have found recently in Alzheimer’s patients, (in brains that are unable to metabolize glucose) that the distance, and therefore connection between neurons closed, and regenerated with elevated blood ketones!  The cells that they had previously believed were dying, were simply atrophied.  And, when they were given ketones instead of glucose, they healed themselves.  Admittedly, there needs to be more research, but it has been an incredibly promising jump for the treatment of such a horrible disease.

Back to the point, this ketone fuel allows our cells more energy, mobility, ability to fight disease, and is directly related to what we eat.  We change our DNA with our food.  I have said this before.  I will say it again.  If you are just starting a weight loss journey, do not hit the gym 7 days a week. Think molecularly.  Change your metabolism first.  If you eat keto, you will change your cells’ activity levels.  Your cells will be more efficient.  You cannot work your way out of a crappy diet.  Based on the amount of times I’ve lost 15 pounds, and gained it all back, or honestly,  90 pounds, and gained it all back, I can tell you that this is not like any of the other things I’ve tried.  I can also tell you that I have began the process of healing my relationship with food, in a meaningful and lasting way.  

I hated what I had become.  A bottomless pit, that could eat any amount I wanted.  When I finally learned that my obese body was in fact starving of nutrients, unable to metabolize the food I was eating, it was a giant sigh of relief.  I wasn’t broken.  My metabolism was.  And more importantly, there was an easy way to fix it.  Helping your cells stay active, responsive, alert, and metabolically adaptive, is as easy as fasting, and counting carbs.  I have been keto 152 days straight, although I have dabbled with low carb diets since I was a teenager.  In hindsight, I never gave it a chance.  The process of fat adaption takes time.  Especially when you have been burning sugar your entire life.  People never make it passed their addiction stage.  I would say that my body still cries every so often for the drugs it misses.  But I quietly tell it, that it will feel better for it in the morning if I don’t.  This is not to say that I haven’t had some carbs here and there.  This diet is meant to be the constant state of normal, and not own your life.  If you have family in town, eat out once.  Noodles won’t kill you.  Unless it’s all the time.  Meaningless celebrations will kill you.

Eating carb heavy meals, you will find, don’t make you feel all that great.  For about ten minutes after, it’s great.  But, your body will rebel. Your blood glucose will crash. I have found  that when I do eat carbs, I feel hungover the next morning and suffer from headaches for days, as my body weens itself back off sugar.  I had 2 milkshakes Memorial day week end, and just reached the weight I was before that weekend.  Almost 2 weeks later.  There are consequences for switching metabolic fuels.  So choose your timing carefully.  The stricter the better.

As a fat person I have confused patience with being sedentary.  I continued to say to myself “when I exercise I’ll change my eating habits!  Be  patient with yourself.” Then I would exercise and eat whatever, because I “had done good that day.” The truth of the matter is that I was waiting around for the impossible to happen.  I must have been eating 600-1,600 carbs a day. Easy.  And continuing to become more and more discouraged as I went along on my fitness journey, until I stopped, binged for 6 months, and began all over again, from a worse starting position.

Take action over how your cells use certain fuels.  This is how we eradicate obesity, metabolic syndrome, and the drove of accompanying diseases at the molecular level.  Your mitochondria will make more ATP, and you will want to exercise your body, as long as you start with your diet.

Chuch, Happy Eating,


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