Memorial Weekend Fun!


The Old Windmill Dairy!

  • We had a great time in Estancia!

If you live in, or near Albuquerque, The Old Windmill Dairy is a must.  They have set dates that are open to the public, so don’t just show up, lol.  They do, however,  make wonderful cheeses that they sell at the farmer’s markets around ABQ and Santa Fe.  Next, Lara and I will be going up there for one of their cheese making courses. We use both of their cow and goat cheeses regularly in our recipes, and it was great to see where the magic happens!

We went for a movie night, but were so wrapped up in our goats, it didn’t really matter what was on.  I think that was kinda the point, though.  Giving the young goats love was so great, an experience not many get to have, but one that is available to all of Albuquerque!












We went to Abiquiu Lake

  • Abiquiu Lake! Beautiful Sunday Funday, swimming, BBQing and chillin' with some friends!



Today’s Talk Nerdy is mostly centered around having fun. It’s so easy to get bogged down with any “diet.” We count calories, we watch what we eat. We get so caught up in the minutiae of every bite, and every moment in between, that life can get draggy. When you start feeling like your life revolves around what you put in your mouth, take a break. Go have some fun. Get outside. Do things you’ve never done before. Make a weekend happen, and make it a priority. We went to two places this weekend we had been talking about for a year. This may seem tangential. But, I assure you that the way you are imprisoned by your eating habits (or not) correlates directly with how much fun you let yourself have in your leisure time.

Find other ways to reward yourself besides going out to eat, or splurging in a retail store. For me, and many others a good way into the keto experiment, food is our poison. This time was different. We went swimming in a lake and pet baby goats. Your imagination, not your pocket book is what is holding you back. If you think hard about the things you want in life; truly, wholely desire with your heart, they never lead back to a wallet. I want to be healthy. This can only be earned. I have equally been yearning for some quality time with Lara. And we went and got it. Slow down, smell the wildflowers. This requires being outside! And, of course, eat cheese.

If you need some inspiration about where to go in life, pet a baby goat!

Chuch, Happy Eating!

Glenn Gould and Patricia Rideout with some special guests!

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