Breaky and collards


Breakfast for lunch! Brunch y’all!

We made collard and mustard greens with a little meat, so in order to up our fat intake, I made cauli tots, eggs, bacon-wrapped jalapeno poppers and plain bacon.


Talk Nerdy to Me! I didn’t want to get political, but food is their weapon.

With increasing evidence that sugar is one of the most addicting substances on earth, I have been readjusting my attitude towards addicts of all kinds.  There’s an episode of South Park where Michael Moore (the film maker) is doing a documentary that is super biased, essentially it’s an anti-smoking movie.  All the while, he is demanding that his crew bring him trays of hamburgers and fries, one after the other.  While he is busy creating an anti-smoking movement in South Park, he’s getting really fat, and grossly fiending for more, even while eating constantly.

There is such a stigma attached to being an drug addict, and while I have many opinions about not becoming one, or fixing it once you are one, I found that I held many hypocritical feelings towards them.  I am a sugar addict.  Most fat white old men creating policy, and throwing young, black weed dealers in jail in this country are as well.  Drug addicts with better social standing, condemning others, exactly like themselves, to a life wasted, for nothing but differing opinion…and skin color, let’s not forget that. But, I digress.  For another blog I suppose.

We all search for the same fireworks in the brain as a meth addict.  I admit, one is a little more acutely destructive, but over time, I think they are about the same.  Your organs will give up trying to manage your sugar intake eventually.  Morbidly obese people are treated like garbage, especially women. Any morbidly obese person will tell you they have a sickness.  They aren’t wrong.  But, if you are a man, you can get away with being huge and diabetic, and essentially, be unaffected by your bodily abuse.  Fat people are addicts with better social standing. Over time, your body becomes so used to malfunctioning, being sugar and water-logged  and inflamed that it becomes normal.  You forget what it feels like to feel good.  Sugar is so damaging to the cells, and organ function, diabetics left “untreated” would die.  Metabolic disease rips you apart in just a stunning, terrible, and shocking way as a hard drug dependency.  Just ask anyone that has had limbs removed for their inability to cut sugar, or had 4 heart attacks.

At the turn of the century, the big push medically speaking, was developing drugs to fix infectious disease.  We developed antibiotics, truly a modern marvel, and paved a new way for medical developments.  In this drug-centric climate, medical professionals started throwing drugs at a new, mono-crop, sugar driven, nutrient-devoid, metabolic wave of sickness.  Throwing pharmaceutical drugs at metabolic disease, is criminally insane, and is killing millions of ignorant, naive people trying  their damnedest to fix the issue.  It’s easy to give up, when the medical advice you receive from doctors is literally killing you. Older people come from a time when doctors knew what they were doing.  They had the knowledge about the drugs that would cure syphilis or necrotic infections.  Unfortunately, now, they end up following bum medical advice, attempting to throw drugs at a sugar problem and die, sick. In many cases, they die of the very same issue that initially drew them in to the doctor’s office to begin with.  Chronic, progressive disease, is not corrected with drugs.  I think millions of metabolic disease deaths yearly is evidence enough.  Food affects all organ systems, and will “cure” metabolic disease.  Keto feels like a miracle, but in actuality, it is hard science.  Based in fact, and not to be ignored.  Diabetes isn’t cured, it’s corrected.  That’s the difference between diet fads, and the fasting/ketogenic lifestyle.  Love yourself enough to change.

Chuch, Happy Eating,


Dolora Zajick singing O don fatale, from Verdi’s Don Carlo

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