Patience & Perservance

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I have been feeling a little burnt out.  This is to say, that I have been on this particular weight plateau for about a month.  Yesterday was my weigh-in day.  I was 258, smack in the middle of my current bracket of 255-262.  I’d like to highlight, however,  that reframing my thoughts about this plateau has changed the way I act, and informed my plans for the next few weeks.  There are a few things to consider when taking on a long-term weight loss project. These are in order of importance:

*How long have you been obese?  If you are like me, and you have been obese for decades, this will take time!  Your hormones are completely out of whack. People who have had metabolic syndrome for long periods of time will not lose weight at the same rate as someone who has 40 lbs to lose.  Consider that your body has been disfunctioning for say 10, maybe 20 years?  How or why, do you think that you should lose that weight in a year? This takes time.  Especially if you want to do it healthily, and have it stick.  The fitness industry has gotten only a few things right.  But, one of those things is calling this process a “lifestyle change.”

*If you, like me, have tried the low-fat, calorie restriction, IIFYM diet (if it fits your macros) and dieted down to 1,200 calories, and felt horrible, even though you were losing weight, then gained it all back the second you stopped; you probably damaged your metabolism even further.  Consider for a second that you are undoing all the metabolic damage you’ve caused by eating high-carb-low fat diets over years; reducing calories to unsafe levels, doing what you thought was right, but as it turns out, was dead wrong.

*Food is medicine.  Not pills.  Western medicine has done an incredibly amazing job at treating symptoms, acute symptoms, but has done everything possible to ignore root causes of chronic disease in the interest of making money .  You’ve heard my take on this.  If injecting insulin worked to cure diabetes, we wouldn’t be having such a devastating epidemic.  If low-fat, high carb foods cured heart disease, there would have been a decrease, and not an increase in cardiovascular deaths, since Americans, it turns out, have followed the GOVERNMENT’S dietary guidelines set in motion after Eisenhauer’s heart attack in office. Flip the food pyramid on it’s head…and start there.  They certainly have tried to make it look like our fault.  Fat-shaming is the food industry’s, fitness industry’s and pharmaceutical industry’s conerstones, and best tool to make them $$$.

*Are you fasting?  Besides the books-worth of health benefits that I have only touched on lightly in this blog, consider this!  If you have high blood sugar, what would be the fastest way to cut it?  Stop eating sugar!  So, if you have eaten yourself into hyperinsulinemia (fancy name for insulin resistance) and your body ignores isulin’s signals, what would be the fastest way to bring your insulin levels down? Stop eating….On the flip side of the same coin,  consider that every time you eat, you are signaling your body to store food energy for later.  The organ systems involved in digestion need rest too.  If you follow the body builder style diet, eating six times a day, and you are already obese…you better be working out all day, and even then…you won’t be fixing your insulin sensitivity. To simplify even further-  Eating means store energy, fasting means- use the reserves.

Important side note:  I do not intend to down-play the difficulty of this task. Simple has never meant easy. It is hard to do.  Do not take it lightly.  But, it does get easier!  Practice. If you have never fasted before, don’t set out with the intention of fasting for five days.  Start at 12 hours.  Work your way up gradually.  I have done 24 hours a lot (one meal a day,) 36 hours once, and have yet to work up to 48. I started this work in December. So, take this slowly.

*How many calories are you eating? What are you eating? Keto cheat foods are still cheat foods. Eat green veggies! All calories are not created equal. Corn is not the same as kale.  A tortilla is not the same as macadamia bread.  Tread lightly.  Closely consider the foods you eat.  Not only how they make you feel, but, do they exacerbate your desire for carby foods.  Cultivate your love for fat-rich, calorie dense, and low-carb foods.  If you do, I can tell you from experience, that you will eventually eat less.  It’s taken me five months, but I certainly cannot get down on the same amount of food anymore, even when I try, and trust me, I have tried.

Patience and perserverance is how you will fix your metabolism.  You didn’t become obese over a few months, so you won’t fix it in a few months.  You have to change your eating habits.  Consider how much you want to do this for a moment. Your body wants to do it even less.  Sugar addiction is no joke.  It’s very hard to break.  It lights up your brain with identical intensity as methamphetamine.  Don’t believe me?  Look it up. They did scans of people eating sugar cubes, juxtaposed against people on meth.  The brain scans looked identical!  They both lit up like christmas trees.  I’m not fully out of the woods yet,  but, if I can do it, anyone can.  That’s so cliche, but, unfortunately, true.

Chuch, Happy Eating,

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