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  • Carb-free dough beef empanadas and farmer's market salad


I have been considering introducing a coaching system with four tiers of my involvement for some time, but am ready to announce it officially! Starting in July I will be holding:

6-week sessions w/

A- a weekly check-in via skype

B- grocery lists and A

C- A,B, and daily check-ins

D- A,B,C and step-by-step support.  I’ll be all in your business!

All would include my recipes, and any that I’ve found, that are keto friendly, that I like to use. This blog, from it’s inception has been geared to empower people’s own curiosity and teach people, that even if you don’t know how to do keto, that you can learn on the go.   People obsess about doing it right.  It takes practice.  The important thing is that you START.  Do your own research!  Read the studies, there are many.  Look at nutrition facts on your foods! Better yet, stop eating packaged foods all together.  You know intuitively what is healthy.  When you ask the most naive person, especially children, what healthy food is, nine times out of ten, the answers are “vegetables, meat, and fruit”  And they are right!  You have google in your pocket. Don’t be helpless! If you are wondering about certain foods, look up their glycemic index, 1-55 is good.  People use their ignorance about healthy food options to continue the status quo.  If you don’t feel happy with how you look, or more importantly, feel, change it.  WHO ELSE WILL?

Empower yourself.  The government wants us on drugs, and to stay perpetually sick.  It is your job to learn how, and to stop it from happening to you and your family.

I’ve been fighting with myself about the purpose behind this blog.  Honestly that’s why I haven’t written much recently.  At first, it was a diary of sorts, but as I continue, I find myself increasingly in a position of becoming a keto crusader.  The ketogenic diet has given me back a drive and energy, to do the things I want.  I don’t fall flat on my face at 3 p.m. anymore, and I feel fuller, longer, all while eating less.  I thought this was impossible. I was embarrased by the quantity of what I was eating. But, should have been embarassed by the quality instead.  Being addicted to carbohydrates is a never ending spiral, you always want more.  You get hungrier, and hungrier.  Eating fat-rich, calorie-rich foods quite literally saved my life.  I wasn’t in the middle of a health crisis, but I have watched my family members in a slow decline, some not so slow.  I was determined to endure, or at least CHOOSE a different fate.  Diabetes, heart disease, kidney disease (metabolic syndrome)  all of these “diseases” are aptly named…preventable disease.  Do you want to eat veggies or take prescription drugs?  One is more expensive than the other.  That’s my response to the people who say organic food is expensive.  Medical bills blow the farmer’s market clear out of the water. Hands down.  The side effects of veggies greatly out weight the side effects of big pharma drugs.  Healthy poops, natural HGH, and ketone bodies that literally block inflammation in the body.

“Let thy food be thy medicine.” Hippocrates, 431 B.C.

The greeks implemented fasting often, and it wasn’t because there was a huge rate of obesity like there is now.  It was for the mental clarity and energy it gave them.  Ketone bodies are the preferred fuel source for the brain.  Glucose is used first, not only because it’s easy to break down, but because, in the standard American diet, it’s the most abundant.  If you eat grits in the morning, you may as well poor a bowl of white sugar and take a spoon to it.  It is in the best interest of the food industry to trick us into thinking that carb-rich foods are heart healthy, because, if you’ve watched “The Magic Pill,” which you should have by now, you know that between California and New York there are nothing but mono-crop farms.  They stand to lose a lot of money!  Besides, the government has stood behind this rhetoric for so long (since Eisenhower’s heart attack in office,) that they can’t go back on their word.  Sounds awfully familiar to the medical marijuana fight, no?  Your health is in your hands. Act accordingly.

Chuch, Happy Eating,


Today’s video: My Boy Jonas Kaufmann singing “La fleur que tu m’avais jetee”  from Carmen, by Georges Bizet.

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