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After digesting the “magic pill” movie,  and doing my own research for months, I’m coming to the conclusion that if you have metabolic syndrome, you have the ability to immediately and drastically heal your body through diet. The ketogenic diet specifically, and fasting will literally save your life, all the while, being completely drug-free.

Today,  was leg day at the gym.  Working out fasted, is the fastest way to burn body fat. Although I have spoken about this previously,  I feel it’s worth reiterating.
Another interesting thing I learned this morning, is that, according to Gabrielle Lyon, Doctor of Osteopathic Medicine, on workout days,  you should actually limit food intake,  and eat the bulk of your weekly caloric load on rest days. Eat protein when your body is in the process of rebuilding broken protein fibers. The idea is that you use and break down existing muscle and fat while you are fasted,  this spikes HGH, and then, the next time you eat,  you lay down muscle right away.   The body is brilliant.  This leads me to the other obvious goal,  beside rebuilding stronger muscle efficiently,  more lean body mass.   Simply put,  more muscle.   Muscle,  pound for pound burns more calories than body fat. The more of it you have,  the more food you can eat! You don’t want to count calories? Lift weights.
For my birthday, I decided to derail my food intake for two days, more specifically, for two meals,  but I immediately fasted myself back into ketosis. Plan ahead.   If you don’t, don’t freak out and blow your diet, you aren’t completely screwed.  The flexibility of this diet is as simple as not eating.  Don’t eat,  and your body will naturally correct itself. Despite cramming corn syrup into our mouths,  our  bodies run as efficiently as possible. Imagine what might happen if we allow our bodies rest from digestion,  and give it time to clear out bum, or dead cells that impede it’s recycling and rebuilding processes. Then, after that, feed it the cleanest form of energy, fats. It becomes a well oiled machine. Quite literally.  All that being said,  I have eaten clean,  at home for 117 out of the last 120 days. This doesn’t happen by doing it sometimes.
We are going to be experimenting with higher fats,  even lower carbs,  and lower protein.   I’ll be sharing how it’s affecting our progress.  At this point,  I have been 257-262 for around 3 weeks.   So, we are going to try something different.   Experiment with your diet and exercise routines; as long as you give it time to work, or not work.   Just keep trying. Focus on how you feel,  not a number on the scale.  Once you limit carbs for 3 weeks,  it feels better to eat clean.  The transition back and forth wreaks havoc on your digestive tract, and energy levels.   Eating carbs puts me to sleep, and leaves me in pain, and in the bathroom. If you do eat carbs,  it’s not like the world will crumble,  just fast.  Know that since you did eat carbs,  you will feel hunger.   Your body is begging.  Ignore it like you would an annoying dog at the table.  You’ll know when it’s time to eat.   Listen hard, if you do, you know when it’s time to eat again.   Break your fast with an extremely fatty, low carb meal.   Watch the pounds drop.   It’s not magic,  it’s science.  Fat for fuel.
Chuch,  Happy Eating,

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