Big Birthday Bash


I apologize that it’s been a little longer than usual, but there are a few contributing factors.  One, I got a new job, that has regular person hours, which leaves me this 4-7 am slot to write, while Lara works.  So, here I am.  Two, it was my birthday yesterday.  I meant to write this post yesterday, but I was too busy being surrounding by amazing friends and food.  To that end, I have an incredible day of meals to show you all.

I must provide this disclaimer: Lunch was very keto. The dinner we ate was not, I repeat, NOT, KETO.

  • Rudy BBQ, In Albuquerque! So, So Good!

Dinner was an incredible 9-course Omakase!

  • Octopus and squid salad Course 1
  • Sea Scallop with japanese citrus/chili Course 5


Days when you blow your diet are inevitable.  What matters most, is that they don’t derail your entire plan.  Don’t plan cheat days, plan cheat meals.  Fast more aggressively around them.  I have been eating OMAD for a week in preperation.  I will fast at least 20 hours today.  Make your cheat worthwhile. This dinner certainly was seriously one of the most delicious, beautiful meals I’ve ever had. Check out his instagram account @sushi_lectric.

Eat whatever you want on your birthday.  Don’t be a hard ass on days when you aren’t supposed to be, especially when your friend makes you a 9-course meal. Fasting is so flexible.

Chuch, Happy eating,


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