May 2018

Ready to hit the gym in my HeadBanger’s Kitchen Tank!


After two months of focusing 100% of my efforts on weight loss through diet alone, I feel I’m ready to implement some weight training/calisthenics/ resistance training.  I’ll be watching for more weightloss, but more specifically building core strength and lasting strength through compound movements/calisthenics and stretching.  I do not want to be a power lifter.  I do not need to push a bunch of weight.  I want to be smaller than I am.  The thought of never being called ‘big guy’ ever again brings tears to my eyes.

Welcome to Gym Rat May.


Today is busy, so I won’t go to the gym until after work, but will fast until I get home.  Salad and leftovers from Sunday’s cook out are in store.

Chuch, Happy Eating,

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