Sunday Prep


The Ultimate Time-Saving Maneuver

Sunday prep is a great, fun way to get friends, and family involved in healthy eating, at bargain prices.  My friend/ co-worker Chandler and I spent $30 each and made a smorgasbord of delicious, organic food options, to last us each a few days at least.  We admittedly used a bunch of stuff we had in our refrigerators, but that’s kinda the point. These types of events are well, well, worth it in the end; especially if you work during the week, and stress about eating healthy.  All in all, we cooked for about five and a half hours, and made all this food!

  • Simply roasted Brussels Sprouts with Salt, Pepper, and Oil Not pictured, Asparagus, roasted the same way.
  • The quiche while it's still hot! Made with broccoli, green chile pork sausage, applewood-smoked bacon, peppers and asiago cheese!


I think it fitting to end simplicty month with the best way to save time.  It may seem to be too much effort for some, but sharing the financial burden with friends, is by far the best way to meal prep, and to eat healthy, for the week, stress-free.  We will not be cooking for a few days at least, we have at least 6 delicious meals, and spent $30 total. This is unbeatable in my book.  Many people contact me, saying keto is too expensive.  I say, one, fast more.  Two, cook with your friends.  Meal prepping is a great bonding experience, healing for an anxious mind, and feels good because you are taking care of yourself, your family, anddddd someone else and their family.

On heavy cook days, I’ll keep the Talk Nerdy light.  So to that end, PREP days are time consuming, and take some amount of planning, as far as what’s on the stove when, what’s in the oven when, and at what temperature, but, in the end, are huge time savers, and the most fitting end to Simplicity Month. See you all in Gym Rat May!

Chuch, Happy eating!

Today’s video features an incredible artist, Paul Robeson, who actually made this song famous. Here he is singing “Let my people go”

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