Saag, Tacos, and May


Home made Saag Paneer, with Parmesan-Shelled, Egg and Bacon Tacos.


Since December I have lost 35 pounds.  This is an average of 10 pounds a month, which is perfectly healthy. Since then, I have focused solely on fixing my diet.  And it has worked extremely well.  But, I think I owe you all several explanations.  I purposely don’t include recipes on the blog.  This not because I am stingy. I’m happy to share them on an individual basis, but my photos are meant to be idea-inspiring; templates that you can modify to your tastes.  Most of the recipes that I make, are not my own.  In fact, most of the recipes I make are not keto at all.  I keto-fy them myself.

Eat foods you love, find out which ingredients are not keto, and change them.  Make your food healthier. If you don’t know the glycemic index of a certain fruit, look it up.  Don’t be helpless with Google at your finger tips.  Read the nutrition facts, and ingredients on packaged foods.  Does your hummus have more than 5 ingredients? Don’t buy it.  Does it have preservatives? Which ones?  What are they derived from?  You don’t know? Don’t buy it!  I don’t mean to be patronizing, but the U.S. has cultivated a society of ignorance, especially when it comes to food.

People blindly eat packaged foods with no regard as to what is actually inside. Learn how your favorite foods are traditionally made.  If you don’t have time to make them properly, maybe wait until you do.  Dedicate time to making foods that will heal your body.  It will change the way your body works, responds and changes. As we approach Gym Rat May, I need to reitterate that abs are built in the kitchen, but fitness is built in the gym.  I wanted to get my food right before I moved on to changing body composition.  Going to the gym, lifting weights specifically, can be extremely beneficial.

Lifting weights builds muscle, which burns more calories pound for pound than fat.  Lifting can also be a cardio exercise, if you focus, and take short wait times between sets. Another benefit, on the long list that I won’t dive into on today’s post, is that it burns calories after you are done.  They call it excess-post-exercise-oxygen-consumption.  Besides the work in the gym, it takes calories to rebuild muscles that you’ve destroyed by lifting heavy things.  Body builders burn calories while they sit on the couch.  As in singing though, we see people skipping the middle steps.  They move straight to the nuanced, instead of working on form, technique and the basic exercises that build true strength.  Every body builder starts with compound exercises, the bench press, squats, dead lift, etc; just like every singer should start with scales, hooking up to true bodily support, and  the bare-bone basics of tone production.  Does this mean that everyone does that?  No.  But this is what I will focus on in Gym Rat May.  Light weights, while focusing on form, technique, and basic compound strength building exercises.  We are trying to establish a foundation on which to build.  I’m not interested in inflating muscles temporarily.  I want to have a stronger core, and to burn as many calories as I can. Compound exercises accomplish both.  Coupled with optimal diet, the growth can be alarmingly fast.  Coupled with a crappy diet, it’s almost useless.  I had to get my diet right first, and I feel like a have a pretty decent grasp on it.  So, get ready for Gym Rat May.

Chuch, Happy Eating,

Today’s video is the Bass Samuel Ramey singing the title role, in Mefistofele by the Italian composer-librettist Arrigo Boito

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