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  • The mixture can literally be anything at all Stuffed with ground turkey, purple cabbage, parsley, cilantro, parm, butterkase, onions, garlic, jalapeños, pine nuts and kale. As you know by now, everything is organic.

New Mexican Golabki!

These are delicious, naturally gluten-free, and so versatile it’s ridiculous.  A lot of people claim that these take too much time, but in all honesty, they took me about 30 minutes to prepare for baking.  At that point I could have frozen them, or just baked them, and then frozen them.  They take 90 minutes to bake. You don’t have time to cook healthy food, but you have time to go to a restaurant for two hours?

The only thing that requires attention is steaming the cabbage, and cutting the bottom rib, so that the leaves are pliable.  Once you remove the leaves, it’s just a rolling party.  Cook with your family. These can be fun, especially if you split the load.

They are best enjoyed the next day, fried in butter, so if you can manage not eating them all the first night, do it.  It’s worth it.  Plus, a 3 lbs. cabbage, which is what I use, and suggest, makes about 24 rolls.  I can eat 6 if I am starving, so you do the math.

Depending on the filling of your choice, these can be super low, or super high-calorie.  We went with turkey, veggies and CHEESE for a medium calorie roll. I don’t want to feel like I can only have two.  Sour cream and cabbage rolls can also be a great handheld snack if you are on the run.  This brings me to our Talk Nerdy!

Talk Nerdy to Me!

If you think that keto takes too much time, one of two things is happening.

One: You are eating too extravagantly.  Cooking a hamburger patty and cutting an avocado takes all of 5 minutes.  Add a side salad for an extra 90 seconds of time.  Don’t over complicate things.  Keto youtubers push 20-ingredient foods to sell you stuff.  Here’s another thing.  Cheese takes no time to cook, neither do pickles, or olives, or nuts, or cucumbers, or carrots.  You get my point.  If you are rushed, don’t make a keto raspberry tart. Come on people.  Simplify your lives, and stop blaming a steak for you not staying on your diet. lol.

Two: You are spending too much of your day eating.  Intermittently fasting can save you HUGE amounts of time.  Let’s say I spend 45 minutes cooking breakfast, doing dishes and getting ready for a to-go coffee in the morning.  Over the course of a week that’s what? 3 hours?  12 hours a month, 144 hours a year, not eating breakfast?  Imagine the work you could accomplish just doing that.  Eat foods that calm your hungry, spinning mind.  Protein, and fat rich foods.  Nuts and seeds are perfect.  I like to break fast with them, because they calm your brain quickly.  Besides, the best way to stave off cravings is to stay full.

Save yourself some time by drinking a cup of water, and then coffee in the morning, and go to work.  Break your fast at 1 or 2.  You’ll be surprised at how much quicker you are, and how much your focus doesn’t wane.  I thought myself, that the opposite would happen.  But, go back to our starving caveman theory.  Hungry cavemen that get tired, and lazy, die.  Being hungry sharpens your senses.  Besides, if you are truly in ketosis, it’s not that you aren’t eating.  You are!  Yesterday for breakfast, I had a Gordo’s burrito from 2011.  And now I’m smaller for it.  It’s a win win.

Another side note I wanted to hit today, is all of these pre-made, gluten-free bread products.  Eat foods that are naturally gluten-free. Stop trying to eat bread. Keto and Gluten-free people agree on a lot.  But, these bread companies gouge their customers. $9 for a loaf of bread?  Eat some macadamias.  They are cheaper! At $18 a pound. Why does everyone insist on cheating?  If you eat toast, you’ll want more toast.  Weight loss is much simpler.  I get more inquiries for keto desserts, than anything else.  People want cheat meals.  You won’t lose weight eating a bunch of keto desserts.  It makes me wonder what their diet is really like.  Desserts are huge calorie bombs.  Just because they are keto, doesn’t mean that they aren’t 1,000 calories.  Be reasonable.  Steak and asparagus take like 10 minutes to cook.  And, if you eat that twice in a day, you will drop weight.  If you eat that, or 6 keto peanut butter cookies, which do you think is best?  I get people saying they are gaining weight on keto.  Cut out your cheat meals.  They only prolong cravings for garbage foods. Along with that,  I reitterate, fast. FAST. Fast!  Imagine what you can accomplish with an extra 144 hours.

Chuch, Happy Eating,


Polish Tenor Piotr Beczala sings Dein Ist Mein Ganzes Herz from Lehar’s 1929 operetta, “Das Land des Lächelns.”

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