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Simplicity vs. Difficulty : Fault vs. Responsibility

This is really where the difference between success and failure lies;  in the acceptance that this will be hard.  Don’t overwhelm yourself with tasks.  Completely flipping your diet on it’s head is quite a feat, and should not be underestimated. Just do that.  Especially if you are obese.  I’ve said it before, and I’ll say it again, abs are built in the kitchen.  You can never out exercise bad diet.  If you were active to begin with, and have 15 pounds to shed, great!  You are probably fine to do both.  But, in my experience, I had to slow down, more accurately I had to focus my chi…Food first.  I belong to a gym, I lift weights, but I decided to go light until my diet had changed in a real, palpable way.  No cheat days, no excuses, no “but I had to meet so and so” or “but we went to this restaurant where I like to binge.”

I have forced myself to eat at home 103 out of the last 106 days.  I have had one cheat day in that time, which I immediately regretted.  Once you change your body’s chemistry, those foods do more harm than good.  I have a long way to go still, but as I approach 60 lbs lost, the way back up the scale is much, much more daunting.  I used to see myself when I saw obese people walking down the street.  Now I see pain, swelling, water weight, discomfort, and the pained look I gave people, when I  thought I was smiling.

This brings me to the point of today’s Talk Nerdy.  Simplicity, especially in the world of music, means difficult!  Simple melodies of the Bel Canto Era are sung by the best in the world, because they leave you naked, with everything bare in front of a crowd.  Every fault is clear, every confidence as well.  Through simplicity is how we show aptitude.  Weight loss is no different.  People that sell workout plans and meal plans on youtube, tell you that if you don’t hit your macros within 5g,  you’ll fail.  These people are criminals, along with the doctors that prescribe you pills from companies that send them on vacations.  It’s a conflict of interest. These people prey upon ignorance. Let’s say they do want the best for you.  What they aren’t sharing, though, is that weight loss is helped by exercise, not caused by it.  Maybe marginally, but if you are already insulin resistant, and eat 6 donuts, you aren’t losing weight, even if you run 15 miles.  Not walk, run.  You gonna do that? Not me.

Insulin is an energy storage hormone.  You need less of it in order to use fat stores.  It is that simple.  Fasting is simple.  It’s flexible.  Let’s say you broke fast early.  Or, let’s say, you binged out at night.  Your fasting window starts after you eat.  You are immediately back on.  This is the way calorie-restrictive diets fail us; when you beat yourself up for 12 hours because you went over your calories, and end up saying “Whatever, let’s go get some Baskin Robbins.”

But, simple and easy are not, have not, and will never be the same thing.  Not eating is hard.  But, I think most people can do it.  Obese women can fast as well.  If you are looking for excuses as to why it can’t work, you’ll be right.  But if you eat LCHF for a month, you won’t go back.  Do not let your intellect confuse the task at hand.  Even if you don’t want to count calories or macros or even eat low carb,  fast!  It’s the simplest diet protocol in existence, and hunters have used it for thousands of years for mental clarity, physical strength and focus.  A 48-hour fast boosts your natural production of HGH by 300%! Natural Steroids people, by simply not eating!

This will be hard.  Besides singing, it’s the hardest thing I’ve done so far, and I’m not done with either of those things.  If you eat fast-food constantly, or 6,000 calories, the change of hormones will be uncomfortable, and  you will want to break your diet.  Every craving you sit through and do nothing about, or better yet eat good food instead, will be one less craving you’ll have to deal with later.  Maintaining is hard.  But it’s harder to lose the same 10 lbs for the 101st time.  It’s no wonder we are all fat, depressed and anxious.  Depression and anxiety come from, in my experience, a severe internal conflict of knowing you aren’t doing what is best for you, and continuing to do nothing.  Whole organic foods literally change your DNA, AND your thoughts. I had to convince my fat brain that I could actually eat more, if I ate well! It’s true.  Less calories, means more volume, and on days I eat once, I eat to full capacity.  One insulin spike in a day basically guarantees that I’ll drop weight.  Especially if I limit carbs.  If you are obese, you can also cut fat off the plate, in order to force your body to use it’s stores, but beware, because that’s your energy for the day you are messing with. Check out this diagram.

You love eating? Eat more!

Talk Nerdy cont’d

Another issue that fat people love to beat themselves up over is fault.  It’s their fault, they eat too much, they go to the doctor, who tells them count calories, eat less, move more.  Our health professionals are ignoring fat storing hormone imbalances?!  Fat around the middle MEANS INSULIN RESISTANCE!  We are bombarded a thousand times a day by soda adds, packaged food adds, even things we have convinced ourselves are healthy (e.g. granola, packaged almond milk, Gluten-free crackers, sprouted breads etc.) What they should write on those packages, is “Better than drinking pennzoil.”

The longer I spend eating ketogenically, the more I feel that if 35% of the population is obese and another 15% on top of that are insulin resistant, it CAN NOT be their fault.  That’s too many people.  It’s not your fault that you have believed the government when they said they had your health and best interests in mind.  Turns out they had theirs.  They need to make lobbyists happy, and greed makes people obese, and sick, and makes them money. Simple.

It’s not our fault.  But, like Will Smith said.  Fault and responsibility are completely different.  It is our responsibility to fix the problem.  If you have a ne’er do well at work, do you pick up the slack so everyone can look good and work effeciently?  Or, do you let it be sloppy and unprofessional?  Fix the problem. Who do you expect to eat for your health?  It’s hard to do, but simple to implement.

Chuch, Happy Eating,

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