Keto-my God!

Poki, and a simple mindset that will allow you to drop the weight.


Salmon poki bowl!

Poki bowl!

Admittedly pretty carby, but you can get away with it if you keep it super cool for the rest of the day, and plan around it! Careful when going to these places though.  It is possible to make sure you dont get sugary sauces (tell them you are diabetic!), and get your veggies in, by making the base salad greens, instead of rice. Get all the veggies available. Hard to see in the photo, but there’s 10oz. of raw salmon in there!  I’m eating buttered cauliflower for the rest of my eating window. You give, and you take to reach your goals.  Moderation in all things, including moderation.

I fasted nearly 24 hours before eating this.

Macros for my bowl:
683 calories
22g carbs
32g fat
69g protein
9g fiber


Fasting has quickly become more important to me than the diet itself.  Honoring a fasting window, I’ve noticed that I drop weight on the days I do it right, and not on the days I don’t.   Contrary to popular belief, fasting has been proven to actually speed the metabolism. Don’t worry this is still a keto blog.

Just do me a favor, and imagine our caveman ancestors getting hungry, and as a result, tired, laxadaisicle and wasting their muscles to preserve life, in “starvation mode.” We wouldn’t be here.  This is a garbage myth that food companies have force-fed us in order to sell us sugar.  Fasting works folks.  Ask any 3 year-old how they might lose weight, if they needed to.  Most likely they’d say, “Don’t eat!”  And, they’d be right.  Fasting in order to lose weight works better for two main reasons.

1. It’s simple. Fitness gurus are constantly trying to muddy the waters, intellectualizing macro balances, numbers, off-limit foods, schedules etc. Fasting is one thing.  Don’t eat.  Instead of adopting a 20 page eating protocol.  Getting confused learning how, and what to eat, when? Don’t eat instead.

Don’t want to prep 6 meals a day? why are you eating all the time?  Are you going out all day, and don’t know what to eat? Don’t.

Doesn’t get any simpler than that.

2. It’s something to not do.  This ties in directly with number one.  Instead of remembering to eat a list of foods at a certain time, certain foods only after exercise, etc.  all you have to do is one thing. Fast.  At least 18 hours.  Preferably more.  Then, after that, eat right.  Eat LCHF.

If you eat a carb-rich meal to break fast, like I did today, know this, acknowledge it, and eat low/no carbs for your second meal.  End your window early.  But, if you are like me, and have a gut, and you aren’t fasting, good luck!  Most likely you are insulin resistant.  If you are fat like me, and don’t eat low-carb or fast?!  When is your insulin low?  While you sleep?  That’s not long enough.  Fix it. Fast, and eat low carb.  You will drop the weight.

You can and you will,
Chuch, Happy Eating,

A dish this beautiful requires multiple songs that match!
Jonas Kaufmann sings Petrarch’s sonnets, by Franz Liszt

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