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Moving on from Operation Keto:

I’m changing the name of the blog folks. Look for it in the next few days. There are a few reasons:

1. Operation keto is owned by someone else, as is

2.  I wanted to rebrand, and change the look of the blog because I don’t like the software I’m using, and it’s costing an arm and a leg.

3 OperaNation Keto: is honoring the original name, while giving the word “Opera” more of a feature; with the word “Nation,” it’s also embracing a sense of comradery within the keto world, which is still so brand new to Lara and I.  We aren’t the only ones whose lives have been changed for the better.

4.   Instagram let me change it painlessly.  Facebook was a huge pain in A$$.  But I will rebuild my website in the next coming days.  Thank you for your support and patience as I learn new software!


Early window, 2 meal day

We broke fast at 11:30.  Our window ended at 4, with chicken curry fried (cauli) rice!
Here are the photos of Brunch!

  • Coffee helps make the writing happen Espresso yourself!

Left over Tikka masala wings means a delicious Chicken Curry Fried Rice. Served with Garlic, green beans, green onion, masala wings, salt, pepper, kerrygold butter,  brocolini, cauli rice, sesame seeds and coconut aminos.

Yes, it is as delicious as it looks.


Politicizing Your Health-Recognizing propanganda

If you think the government hasn’t been politicizing your health, you’re wrong.  Big Pharma has had it’s hand in the pants…pocket of your government officials for a century.  If fat-free food was as good as they said it was, 35% of us wouldn’t be obese in the States. If diabetes was cured with insulin, we wouldn’t be sick.  If diet soda was healthy, heart attack wouldn’t be a leading cause of death world-wide. Keto has been a once in a lifetime opportunity for me to finally stand up for what I believe in.  Use you heads.  But, most importantly, stand up for what you believe is right…At least for you and your family. If you say you are:

1. Anti factory-farm, put your money where your mouth is and buy local organic meat, dairy and eggs. More nutrients, better meat, cruelty-free.  Eat a cow with a name, and not a number.

2.  If you believe in science-based, and proven health benefits, do your research, continue to read, and learn about the studies that are being done as I type this.  The Keto diet is reversing Epilepsy, Auto-immune disfunctions (skin conditions, allergies etc,) Parkinson’s, COPD, Depression and Anxiety, reversing Type II Diabetes, Heart Disease, Obesity, and on, and on, and on.

3. This Keto diet admittedly reeks of a fad, Atkins-style diet.  But based on the evidence, coupled with the way I feel, I can tell you, this is different. Meat and cheese don’t complete the list of keto foods. If you aren’t eating mostly vegetables, you aren’t doing this right.  High-fat, MODERATE (20%) lean protein, 5% carbs.  Moderate protein means, if you haven’t pooped in three days because you’ve been eating nothing but bacon and cheddar omelettes, don’t tell me this doesn’t work for you.  Use your judgement.  Do you feel guilty, or great after a meal?  You’ll know the truth.  Whether you say it and act on it or not, is another issue all together.

Support local, organic farms.

Live healthfully, on purpose.
Chuch, Happy Eating,


Our video today features one of the greastest entertainers (and tenors) of all time!  The incomparable Cab Calloway!  Special shout-out to David Zelenka for introducing me to this epic tune!



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