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I missed this!

What I thought would be my only meal!

I had been jivin’ for eggs and bacon for a while.  So, I decided to go all out with this homemade guac,  cauli hash, left over jalapeno cheese burgers, bacon, eggs, and kale extravaganza.  Turns out it wasn’t such a good idea.  Not because of the food, which was off the chain delicious, and completely safe, it was because of what it did to my window; mostly, that I ate outside of it, because we broke fast so early.

And for today, a breakfast of regrets and coffee

The early window was not the window for us.  It was nice to have breakfast, because I had been wanting eggs and bacon, but, I’m over it now.  Next time I want those things, I’m going to have breakfast for dinner. I think an earlier window works for people that have children and so, wake up and go to bed super early.  Lara and I looked at each other 19 hours after breaking fast and said simultaneously “you hungry still?” Naturally, I made keto ginger snaps.  Which we ate late at night.  Needless to say, our fast will be extra long today, maybe until 3 or 4. If you want the recipe join my instagram page.  I post exclusive instagram recipes from time to time.  I can imagine if you had children or got up at 4am to get to work, an early window might be great.  For us, however, breaking fast at 10am was a mistake.  Today we are shooting for a 3-7 window.  As an added Bonus today for you all Operation Keto: followers! I am adding a rosemary, olive oil focaccia KETO staple recipe to the end of this post!  We make sandwiches, chicken pot pie crusts, pizzas, anything you can imagiNe with this dough.  I have even found hamburger bun recipes with this incredibly versatile dough.  I have yet to try them, but have a feeling that they will end up getting a feature on here shortly.

I surpassed 100 days a few days ago on My Fitness Pal!  Since tracking my macros consistently I’ve dropped 35 lbs.  This doesn’t happen by accident.


Don’t get discouraged by trying new windows that don’t end up working.  This is all an experiment, to find what works for you, with really only a few real restrictions (carbs and time restricted eating.)  When I started keto, I thought that Intermittent Fasting and Keto were first cousins.  I thought they were related, yes, but it turns out their relationship is a much closer, symbiotic one.  One cannot exist without the other.  Fasting and eating carbs is torturous, when your blood sugar spikes and crashes and you are left hungry all day. However, when it comes to fasting while keto, it’s much easier to already be in ketosis.  It’s easier to be full on fat stores instead. Just because keto turns you body into a fat burning machine doesn’t mean that you won’t gain fat if you eat 5,000 calories, which is easy to do if you eat keto foods all day. I am turning my focus from calories to a stricter 4 hour feeding window.  This is not to say I’m going to stop tracking, I just won’t be super upset if I eat over my calories.

Dr. Jason Fung, a nephrologist out of Toronto, whose videos I’ve posted before, suggests that his morbidly obese patients adhere to low-carb, high fat diet, but doesn’t require it.  Turns out that the keto diet, since it’s so calorie dense can turn into a weight gaining diet if you snack all the time, or eat 6 times a day.  Fasting has all kinds of health benefits, number one being the simplest, that it zeros out your insulin.  The best way to lower insulin is to not eat.  Dr. Fung has been reversing Type II diabetes with I.F. alone.  But, if you are going to try I.F. anyways, why not eat in a way that also keeps insulin low as well.  We are trying to become more insulin sensitive.

Chuch, Happy eating!

BONUS! Focaccia you lookin’ at?!

Bob Marley at 18 years old.

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