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Fasting intermittently, and building to longer fasts is a process.  I ended up breaking fast at about 32 hours.  I also would like to mention that I ate nearly 1,700 calories and was pushing 40 carbs…not ideal.  That being said, this was my first true 24+ hour deliberate fast.  I am completely glad I did it, but will change a few things for my next prolonged fast:

For one, I won’t sing an opera and attend a pizza party in the same day as my fast.  Prolonged fasts are not to be taken lightly, and are a spiritual experience if done correctly.  If you don’t have the time to live in your bodily sensations, I suggest waiting until you do. This doesn’t include an IF schedule, I’m talking 24 hours+.

Plan your first meal.  I planned on eating most of a cucumber, which I did.  However, this started a huge onset of hunger and I hadn’t planned on what else I was going to eat.  I ended up having 3 quesadillas with those carb chopper tortillas…not the best (the source of my overage on carbs).  Then I had three eggs, and some hemp rice with butter and saffron, which btw, is so, so good!  If I had stayed away from the carb cutter tortillas it would have been an ideal meal.  That is the thing with those types of “cheat” foods.  They are so close to the real thing that you are trying to avoid, that instead of one quesadilla, I had three. I did stay under calories for the day though!  And ate once in 32 hours!  But, as I had predicted, I ate late at night, and nearly 40 carbs (*too high for me) so the number on the scale did not change.  This is not to say that I didn’t burn any fat on my fast. All I’m saying, is I wish I had had broken my fast in a smarter way.

This won’t be my only blog about fasting, so I’ll keep this relatively brief. I  just want to say that if you have never fasted, or if you are not following a strict intermittent fasting window like me, prolonged fasting may sound a bit intense.  It is.  Especially for a beginner.  But practice, like anything you want to get good at, it requires failure, and picking yourself up, potentially embarrassed, to try again.  I had grand plans.  In retrospect the only reason I tried this one, was because I hit 24 hours by accident.  This is not a great reason to do a prolonged fast.  I have been fasting for 2 or 3 months though, with an 18/6 or 20/4 split.  So this wasn’t too extreme for me.

While I am slightly disappointed that I broke my fast like I did, and that I didn’t fast longer, this was a rehearsal for me, for future fasts, and in that way, it was successful.  This specific time wasn’t ideal for a fast either because, in this week alone, Lara sang her recital, took her oral exams, we both sang in 4 operas and worked all week.  Even still, or despite of these things, I fasted, and will continue my IF schedule. The next time I do it, it will be when I have two or three quiet days.

Something that will help me break fast in a better way next time, is having a full fridge.  I was kinda scraping the dregs from the bottom of my fridge. All I had left in there were the things I named.  Instead of three carb chopper quesadillas, I would have eaten a burger and salad.  Ya dig?

Another recurring topic that I wanted to touch on, is talking to non-believers, or at least non-supporters.  I know I may sound a bit ridiculous saying this, since I blew up my facebook pages with all of this hella recently, but more people don’t know about what I’m doing, than those that do.  Anyhow, you shouldn’t expect everyone’s support.  I don’t tell most people about my eating habits. Firstly no one cares. Plus, no one wants an evangelical fat person talking to them about diet. Maybe if I had waited until I was fit to write these blogs, it might have been different, but as I said on my livestream last night, I was, and am addressing a huge void in the fitness industry/youtube wilderness.  The people in the middle of their weightloss journeys are completely missing.  More importantly, our opinions aren’t important because we are still fat. But, I’m well on my way.  And this blog is my voice on the subject. Let it be a part of the din if you don’t support me, or what I stand for.

It doesn’t help that we have been taught false information about how fat is the enemy, that a calorie of donut and celery are identical and that fasting slows metabolism.  My feeling on this, is that if you have gotten this far in my blog, you probably know that these “absolute” truths we were taught are false.  This blog is my reach to those people.  But, I have faced a fair amount of disappointment speaking to certain people, more specifically people I thought would be interested or might care and have had my feelings hurt once or twice because I felt like I put myself out on a limb and was ignored or blocked on facebook, etc.  Just do what you know in your heart is right.  The people who should be there when you hit goal, will be.  Fight the power, eat local, organic foods.  If you have to sell it, I don’t want it.

Chuch, Happy eating!


Today’s video is from Handel’s oratorio, Samson.  Handel wrote Samson and the Messiah in a three-week period following the death of his wife.  Mind-boggling and quite moving. Jon Vickers singing in his last public appearance.  What a voice, even as an old man.  Voice of the ages. Arnold Schwarzenegger at the keys.

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