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Who puts lettuce on a bagel…?

I know how you feel Dave…

No Bagelssssssss!!!!! NOOOOOOOOOO!

A bageless life doesn’t need to be a sad one.

Lox and bagels, you couldn’t have a better match.

The thing is, us keto inclined folk, (“Gaby and the KETONES” look out for the debut LP!) can’t really jam with the bagels. But, I have tried this new cucumber boat fad,  just to see if it works for me.

After all, what is a bagel, if not a vessel for cream cheese, avocado and lox?

I liked it, don’t get me wrong, but I prefer the cucumberless version; the rolled one.  I cut straight to the taste!  I ate the cucumber one too, but I like the cucumber sliced on the plate more.  I guess I have always had a weird relationship with cucumber.  I like it plain the most.

This month of simplicity, and eating foods that are keto in their natural state, has been pretty successful so far.  I find that I lose more weight that way too.  Keto cheat foods tend to be super calorie-dense, and in my experience, lean on the carby side.  This meal was 1,700 calories and had 16 net carbs.  I’m going to eat a couple hundred calories in the form of seeds in two hours or so.  And that will be my meals for the day.  I also mention this in the photos below, but, I ate 2 oz. of low moisture mozzarella with my meal.

My Meal!

*Cucumber boats with Wild Sockeye Lox, organic cream cheese, and organic avocado.

*Organic Chicken Breast (boneless, skinless) w/ organic seasoned salt.

*Organic Brussels Sprouts in Kerrygold, Organic, Grass-fed butter.

*Raw milk Mozzarella on the side, unpictured

Naturally keto, means more one-ingredient foods. This fact alone = HEALTHY.  If you can’t name what’s in your food.  That’s…not good.  How do you know what you are eating?  How will you track?  Also, the more ingredients there are, the more processed your food, the less nutrients in it, the more you need to eat to feel satiated.

There’s Cucumber in my Cucumber.  And, there’s Lox in my Lox.

  • Full meal Not pictured, 2 oz. Mozzarella


Confidence and it’s place in the Body Positivity movement. Part 1 of ?

I’m playing with fire here, I know.  But, this is my blog, so I get to write about touchy subjects if I feel like it.

Confidence is something I, and most obese people have struggled with.  But, it is one of those things that cannot be faked until it’s made.  Please people. What faked confidence turns into is douchebaggery.  Compensation is not confidence.  Besides, people who throw stones from a glass house, end up naked in the street, or however that saying goes.

Ad campaigns are lies, ploys to get you to spend the little money you have on clothes you don’t need.  I am by no means saying chunky people can’t be confident.  But if you hide behind a veil of discomfort, and sadness for how you are, and feel, everyone can see you.  Am I saying you should stop what you are doing? No! Who am I?

These are my nebulous feelings about the body positivity movement, in no particular order of importance.

If you are one of the people using fat people’s insecurities about their bodies, to get them to purchase your products, you suck.  How’s that for nebulous.  But, if you empower people to better themselves, their health, and treat them like people from the very first step of their weightloss journey,  then great!

Let me be specific, I believe that there are all shapes and sizes of people.  But, on one  hand, if you look deep within yourself and only talk with your heart, you know whether you are fit, unhealthy, feel good or know you could do better.  I’m not saying you need to announce this out to the world.  I’m saying when you lie in bed alone, do you think you are in good health or that you could be fitter, and ask yourself if you are truly, completely happy with your current lifestyle?

The term body positivity means a few different things to me:

1. Acceptance.  My Godmother, Odile has a saying on her wall “Only after you have accepted yourself as you are, can you change.”  If you truly do love yourself, as you say you do, you will change your health for the better.  If you are 500 lbs and claim to love yourself.  I don’t believe you.  Unless, you’ve already lost 50-100 lbs.

2.  Celebrate momentum without food! There’s no trouble with being happy about your progress.  Fitness is about being  a better you, than you were.  It’s not a competition.  But, folks, life is.  There’s always someone trying to take your job, your wife, your position within a community etc.  You need to be on your toes.  Unfortunately, there is a bias against obese people.  Sad, but true.  Don’t ignore this.  It makes you look like you can’t handle yourself.  Sadness and discomfort aren’t easily hidden in one’s face, and these specific feelings can lead you to be a complainer, and  consequently, make people want to avoid you.  If every hard thing in your life is made harder by the fact that you can’t move, and vitriolic thoughts are spinning around your head about yourself, then you ARE distracted from tasks at hand, and guess what “…Walter, they aren’t wrong!”

3. True Body Positivity isn’t loud.  It doesn’t have a youtbe channel, or a blog, or social media of any kind.  It’s in a smile.  It’s infectious.  It cannot be named.  It’s attraction.  It’s sexiness.  Joie de vivre! It’s in the eyes, and ” it’s all in the hips.” Someone who is body positive isn’t the one with a sign, yelling about fat shame! It’s the one you dream about, or, are lucky enough to have and hold.  Sexiness is born of confidence and  confidence is not born out of anything else other than feeling good.

Love yourself enough to change.

Chuch, Happy eating,


To continue our Loxy, Jewish trend for today, your video features a cantor turned opera singer named Jan Peerce singing “O paradiso” from the opera L’Africana by Giacomo Meyerbeer. He was my cantor grandfather’s favorite singer, and I’m lucky to have found video footage. If you are interested in more video of Jan Peerce, the Voices of Firestone recording is great as well.

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