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Weightloss isn’t linear. Talk Nerdy to Me!

If you saw yesterday’s chicken pot pie post, you know I’m eating leftovers today.  In yesterday’s blog, you may have noticed a gaping void where the Talk Nerdy was meant to be.  But, do not fear, it is here!

Fat people, (a group in which I include myself) often get discouraged by the scale.  Honestly , it isn’t that great of a tool.  It is more of a long-term progress marker. Day to day fluctuations drive your weight up or down with ease.  I know I’ve said this before, but how many times do you have to hear about things, before you perfect them.  I understand singing support intellectually, does that mean I’m a perfect singer?  Lol.  You get my point.

So, if you have 100+ lbs to lose, like I do/did, you don’t need to weigh yourself that regularly.  In my humble opinion, once a week is too much.  Focus on the way you feel.  So many times, I’ve wasted entire days being upset, and beating myself up for gaining 3 lbs, having eaten under my calories for the day or week before; not taking into account: how much I slept, water intake, hormonal cycles (yes, men have them too,) STRESS, wearing different basketball shorts on the scale etc. etc…  If you have large amounts of weight to drop check once a month.  If you limit net carbs to under 30, I can basically guarantee you’ll lose weight.  Either that, or you aren’t tracking accurately. Sometimes, (brace yourselves), if you go to the gym to lift weights, that weight gain might even be muscle!  I wonder how many times I went to the gym and tricked myself into having a crappy day for gaining muscle. But, I digress.

If you do want to weigh yourself more often and blatantly ignore me :), take it with a grain of salt.  Live in ranges.  My body right now is sitting 255-261, depending on all of the things I mentioned above.  But, as much as I try to talk myself into failure, or say that “I’m in a stupid plateau”, the fact is that my body has to accustom itself to this lower, different weight range. Your body likes change as much as you do.

Sometimes I’ll jump on the scale and it will say 250, and then the next day 257.  In December, however, it was 285-293.  This is why I say keep the long game in mind when it comes to the scale.

It does not determine your worth.

Remember that excess body fat is a symptom of a bigger, deeper problem. Get your hormones right, and the weight will fall.  When I eat well,  drink water, and maintain a consistent(ish) eating window, I feel good.  If not good, I feel like the world, and things that happen to me, are at least neutral instead of being stacked against me at every turn.  If you have more trouble with the mind game, walk.  It has been proven to be the leading type of exercise in altering mood.

If I workout, eat within my window and cleanly, I FEEL great!  I FEEL GREAT IN A WAY THAT CARBS COULD NEVER ACHIEVE.  I feel empty.  I feel light, nimble, like I can do whatever I set my mind to.  I do not feel plastered helplessly to a couch, inconvenienced by having to get up to fetch something I need.  Sugar is a drug.  If you get discouraged by eating keto foods, you need to eat more.  Stop counting calories for a while, and only count carbs.  That way you don’t feel hindered by keeping track.  But, don’t be surprised if you edge the top of your weight range.  For me, losing this weight has been the motivation I needed.  Feeling great for me means watching my pants fall while I feel full after a meal.

Eating carbs is deceiving.  It’s immediate satisfaction, but imagine feeling good after you eat!  Make it happen.  Change is uncomfortable, but you are short changing yourself by having “cheat days” that turn into cheat weeks and months. Isn’t being uncomfortable all the time, with excess weight worse?  The way to beat a sugar addiction is one craving at a time. Eat until you are full. When I want some cracky bullshit I talk myself down:

1.  Eat a fistful of nuts.  They are calorie dense and full of good fats.  Don’t stay hungry and day dream about the meals you can’t eat.

2. Drink water.  Most weight loss personalities push water first.  I say, if you are hungry, eat.  Then drink water, because it helps you stay full.  Most hungry people will say, “F**k off with your water, I’m hungry.”  Me too.

3. Don’t eat 1,500 calories and wonder why you are hungry. If you are eating 2,000 calories and gaining weight, you are eating too many hidden carbs, straight up.  Count more accurately.  Eat more than 2,000!  I dare you!  If you are INTERMITTENTLY FASTING it will be damn hard.  But even if you do, if your carbs stay low, I bet you’ll still drop weight. Instead of eating a bowl of strawberries with 1/4 cup of cream, try a bowl of cream with a 1/4 cup of berries! MMM…

4. You really want 3 bites of whatever you are craving.   Eating the rest is a chore.

5.  Most importantly, the food you want, never, ever tastes as good as it does in your drug-fiending brain.  Always with the disappointment. Plus, then, you are out of keto and must sustain another keto flu.  Depending on how atrocious the breach was, and how long you’ve been keto, it might not be that bad.  But, are you willing to test it?

Talk yourself down until you don’t crave these things anymore. Every time you do, you are stronger for it, and want to eat those things less, because of how good you feel.  Keto and fasting are the best ways I’ve found to lose weight, and to keep cravings at bay.  This, coming from someone who has tried to lose weight a hundred times. You can do this.

Chuch, Happy eating!


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