Brisket and CPP


So, what DOES one do with over-cooked brisket??

I was pretty disappointed, not gonna lie. I spent like $35 on this meat that ended up pretty tough.  So, Lara came to the rescue and suggested that we slow cook it.  And, that is exactly what happened.  She decided to cook it down in it’s own juices for the next ten hours or so with some collard greens.  Damn, it was good. After it was fork tender we decided to fry up the meat in butter and make parm tacos again.  We actually did this late, last night.  So, yes we violated our eating window, but there’s no harm in fasting for the day until dinner time today, to make up for it.  Keto/IF is flexible people. Plus, that means we are showing you two recipes today! Just ‘cuz!  It’s just a double blog kinda day!

Anyhow, the meat, after it’s been fried, is very reminiscent of Texan Barbacoa, which is off the hook delicious.  Along with avocado, onion, cilantro, and some salsa it only put me a few hundred calories over.  This isn’t a huge deal, if your carb count stays low.  In any case, fasting to the rescue.  When in doubt fast, and drink water.

But just you wait, the other recipe for this evening, you may be asking…what is it?

Let me first distract you with photos of our Brisket Tacos, with Collards!

  • Fry it with butter! get it all crispy!


Keto Chicken Pot Pie?!


Keto Chicken Pot Pie!  To keep things simple you could buy some cream of mushroom soup. The cans that we have found, that are worth eating, are 9-12 carbs for the can. When you consider that the can will be stretched across an entire pie, that’s doable. We, on the other hand, made our own, less carby, more fatty, cream of mushroom.

We also altered the veggies going in.  In general, peas are to be avoided, and plus, Lara doesn’t really like them, or carrots for that matter.  She’ll eat them, but if we are going through the trouble of making a chicken pot pie, why not customize it? Make it fit what you want, goalwise and tastewise.  All recipes, not just mine, are blueprints, meant to be changed to your taste. You cant make coq au vin like Julia Child.  I’m sorry.  Even if you followed her recipe to the T, it still wouldn’t taste anything like hers. Just make it good! We are using organic, free range chicken breast, mushrooms, celery and asparagus.  We are also serving brussels sprouts on the side.  Get your veggies in!

We used fat head dough to create the bottom, which we dry roasted.  For the covering dough, we decided to put it on top, completely raw so that it would allow for more time in the oven, for the mixture to get all sexy inside, and for the crust to finally brown.

  • Home made cream of mushroom Mushrooms, onion, garlic, parsley, broth, cream, S &P

It was kind of a project.  If you have a few hours, well, well worth it.  But, it’s a bit heavy, just like a regular Chicken Pot Pie.  Do yourself a favor and eat some more veggies on the side.

For a meals that play different characters, and that are as good as a fairy tale, here is Schubert’s Erlkönig, sung by the incomparable Dietrich Fischer-Diskau

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