Brisket, AND Bach


Brisket, broccolini, and Bach.

We let our dry-rub sit on our brisket overnight in the fridge.  It wasn’t completely thawed when we got home from Norma, so I wanted to just make sure by getting a nice amount of time marinating overnight.

Our smoker is living at a friend’s house, so we decided to cook the brisket in our oven, for 3 hours at 250F.  Our 3 lb brisket ended up slighty overcooked, so careful.  I’m used to smoking a piece a piece of meat for 14 hours.  So, this was a bit of an experiment.

It admittedly doesn’t have the same smoky, BBQ schwing, but it’s delicious nonetheless.  Here we served it with rosemary-garlic buttered brocolini, and a side salad, identical to yesterdays +cheese and seeds, since we have more calories to spare.

  • Rosemary-garlic buttered Broccolini Look at the crust on the brisket!

Talk Nerdy to Me!

I wanted to bring up another issue that comes up in the fast-paced nature of our society.  John Brabson and I were chatting yesterday, and he brought up a very simple, but easily-forgotten fact that time spent in the kitchen is healing.  Simple recipes, and quick recipes are not synonymous.  Time spent cooking with family, loved ones or friends is great bonding, makes good food taste great, and makes great food lifelong  prized family stories. Brisket is a fun way to get messy together and enjoy nutrtious food.  Anticipation is one of the best parts of eating BBQ, or any slow-cooked meal, in my opinion.  Take time with your food.  Dont just throw some iceberg lettuce on a plate and call it a salad.  Mix your greens, add seeds, cheese and goodies. Eat a lot.  Take 12 hours to cook a meal.  It tastes better, especially if your ingredients are quality.   Instead of beating myself up for thinking about food, I’m planning how to succeed.  Which one of you  doesn’t want brisket tacos tomorrow? Unfollow me now. Our 3 pound brisket will go the distance!


Bonus Video! I can go the distance!

Talk to me Nerdy cont’d!

This fact is compounded by the fact that I eat once a day.  I want the one meal I eat today, or any day, to be nutrient-dense, delicious, fatty, at least near my target macro numbers, and filling.  That’s a tall order.  But, in my experience, it is possible.  Meals like this, especially supplemented with grass-fed butter are a perfect  mid-day meal.  If you have trouble hitting your fat quota, put seeds or nuts in your salad with an extra handful of cheese and olive oil. Pro tip!

I said that this month with focus on simplicity.  And so far, it has.  I will show you varying degrees of complexity for recipes in the near future, but also, will always bring it back to how you can keep it simple.  Today’s recipes however, is as simple as it gets.  The dry rub is the most dificult part, but seriously, put exclusively salt and pepper if you don’t want the fuss.  But, why?? When you could make a BBQ rub and not even have to go to the store.

So I was going to give a prize to the 1,000th person to have clicked on OPERAtion keto’s website. But, it was me.  So, a little anti-climactic but YAY!  We are well on our way!  I’ll continue to post recipes, photos and blogs regularly, and may start with a weight loss update or two, depending on what people want to see.  Leave any comments on my instagram or facebook.  In the near future, I’ll also be making an OPERAtion Keto Facebook, in order to free up my personal page. Warning!!  1 month away from not posting on my personal page anymore!


Chuch, Happy Eating,




Lorraine Hunt Lieberson was in a class of her own.

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