Blowing it

Blowing it and Rebuilding.

I want to proceed with the utmost honesty and sincerity.  This blog is about maintaining a keto lifestyle. But, part of maintaining this diet leaves you recloose.  You can’t stay home all the time.  There will be times you eat with people that you don’t want to explain what keto is, or that aren’t supportive.  Or, you want to purposely celebrate a big milestone with a food you’ve been jivin’ for.  That’s what happened today, I broke my keto.  I ate sushi, ice cream, wine and even a few cheeto fries.   I’d like to explain a few things.  Some pros and cons of my experience.

I sustained an 89 day streak of eating within my calories and under my carb count.  So it truly was a cheat day, not a once a week mood. I tracked, everything, all 3,466 calories and 350 carbs.  I don’t get to bail on my responsibilties.  I’m not going to bail on MFP because I ate a lot.  That defeats the purpose of a food diary.

I don’t exactly regret it, but I don’t feel very good.  And, part of my brain wishes I had just followed the wave I was on and just stayed on keto.

I planned today.  It was the day of Lara’s Graduate Recital and we planned on eating out for the last two months.  I knew it was coming…

So the question is, how do I proceed?  You might be saying to yourself “I ate 4,000 calories, with 350 carbs like Gaby did, how do I get back into ketosis as fast as humanly possible?”  The quick answer is….FAST & drink water!   Also, go for the longest walk you can manage.  We do this in order to use all of the stored muscle glycogen that you’ve acquired eating all those carbs, as quickly as possible.

On days like this, I implore you to feel the sensations in your body.  I gained a fair amount of satisfaction ordering my normal order of food, and not being able to even finish it.  I am eating significantly less, and after this meal today, I feel like a huge blob and can’t wait to get back on the keto jam.

I got a great amount of satisfaction trying to enjoy a day from my old life, finding myself quite uncomfortable.  It’s more than safe to say my body prefers keto.  I can no longer squeeze a smile out of being bloated and uncomfortable.



Here’s some tips to getting back “on it.”:


*Don’t cheat every week, two, or three.  I actually don’t advise any cheat days.  But at least 4-8 weeks in between them if you are going to with or without my blessing. lol.

*Apple cider vinegar is cheaper than tums

*Fast to get back into ketosis

*”Don’t beat yourself up on the inside for it.”-Andy Griffith

*Drink water till you’re blue in the face

*PLAN YOUR NEXT MEAL.  I’M EATING BRISKET AND BROCCOLINI after my opening tomorrow and nothing but water and coffee until then. How ’bout you?

*Enjoy it while you are eating it.  Save the hate for when your stomach hurts and you wish you hadn’t eaten those things.  Why hate while you are eating some crap.  Bask in the crackiness.

*Use it as an affirmation of the new things your body DOES like!

*Get back on keto!

*find other ways to celebrate with food, go hiking, fishing, camping, be a tourist in the city where you live.  Anything but eating garbage.

*The keto lifestyle is one that you maintain normally, abnormalities will happen, but you are by no means a victim of circumstance.  Too many times obese people put the blame everywhere else except on their own decisions to eat when they are bored.  You dont get fat by accident.  It’s a decision, just like getting well.

Happy Eating,


Even the masters have bad days. Pick youself up, do better. It’s hard to do, but simple. Nobody likes a quitter.

Every moment of his singing is a masterclass of how to do it right. Even on a rough night.

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