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I made a huge crock-pot of chicken for the pupusas yesterday, so that’s what we are eating with garlic-buttered brussels sprouts this afternoon.  I’ll post a picture on my Instagram later: @operation_keto

But I feel like talking about another tough weightloss topic.  Over eating.  I used to make all kinds of faulty deals with myself, as to why it was okay to buy this or that, fast food, even restaurant food of decent quality, and eat way more than necessary.  Obesity is a tricky thing.   Technically they (doctors) classify it as a disorder.  Meaning “A disturbance of function, structure, or both, resulting from a genetic or embryonic fail-ure in  development or from exogenous factors such as poison, trauma, or disease.”  

This is fancy terminology for “your fault, your responsibilty.”  Doctor’s next move to tell obese people is normally “count calories and exercise more.”  Sound advice. For people who’s hormones are in balance, and especially not binge eaters.  They are missing the most important part for most obese people actually. Doctors that I have spoken to recently, there are a few, speak of a gaping hole where nutrition study lives in their medical training.  They are taught to prescribe drugs to fix symptoms.  And, they are damn good at it.  Everyone, I’m sure, is thrilled they are living in the times of emergency rooms, where you can treat acute health issues with speed.  Modern marvel for sure.  But as far as preventative medicine, they are clueless.  I don’t trust a doctor with a weight problem.  I know that’s not PC.  But why is my health professional wheezing while they are sitting in a chair right now, while they can’t lose the weight themselves?  They also love to shame you about your weight and your inability to keep cravings at bay.  How many times has your family or friends, or doctors telling you to lose the weight worked?

Obesity is a condition that by it’s very nature leaves you feeling isolated, alone, like no one understands what you’re feeling, or thinking. Intelligent people are the best at convincing themselves what they are doing is okay. Shame both exogenous and self-inflicted can be dealt with though.  Self-inflicted is the worst kind by far. But, cravings pass after a few weeks on keto.  I never thought they would.  I used to eat so much.  And although I have never been diagnosed, I think I have what they call “binge eating disorder.”  Moments in time that would go black in my memory, while I was eating enough food for 4 or 5 people.  I would hate on myself super hard after I could barely move, and felt like a complete turd.  And the shame! And, as you know, if you are obese like I am, this problem can’t be fixed with food (…or can it?!) , but if that’s the only way to make yourself feel better?  Eat different foods.  I almost cried when I realized I DO have a medical condition.  It’s freeing.  I’m not a shameful, weak person for eating too much.  My hormones are all out of whack.  It’s a problem, yes.  But, it’s fixable.  You can literally change your DNA by what you eat. In either a good or bad way. Meanwhile at your doctor’s office, you hear, “Eat healthier choices”  BUT WHAT DOES THAT MEAN?!

I’m pretty sure most obese people don’t want to be that way.  They just don’t know how to fix what they are eating.  Most of the time, they think “Holy crap, I need to eat salads foreverrrrrr.”  The keto, HFLC diet is honestly quite counter intuitive.  If I had been taught any nutritional health in school, at all, lol,  and they told me to eat butter on my steak, and skip the potato, I probably would have laughed.  We were all brain-washed by the “fat is the enemy” propaganda of the cholesterol debacle in the 90’s.  But without getting too conspiracy theory-oriented, they were wrong.  They were replacing fat with carbs. For some unknown, and strange reason metabolic syndrome deaths continued to sky-rocket.

IIFYM works so little that Weight watchers, Jenny Craig etc etc… will never run out of customers.  The fitness industry pushes exercise so hard, and then hands out free packages of cinnamon sugar cookies in their meetings, it makes me ill, and then angry.  Feeding morbidly obese people cookies and telling them to keep doing what they are doing, eating 1,900 calories. Rude.

I’m not saying that counting calories is useless.  The energy-in, energy-out law of physics still applies when in keto.  Keto is not a “weightloss diet.” It’s a fat burning diet. It’s possible to gain weight while eating keto. Most commonly, people gain weight on keto if they eat all the time and snack.  But, it’s damn difficult to gain weight if you Intermittently Fast.  If you do fast while on a keto diet, your cells have already made the proper enzymes to break down fat first.  And, if you are obese like me, there’s plenty around.  Your hunger will get squashed because your body is finally  using it’s reserves.  This is simple and exactly the oppposite of what we learned. The six meals a day of brown rice and chicken is unrealistic long-term anyhow. Are you seriously gonna eat that six times a day forever?  My gourmet brain cries at the thought.  And then binges on some cracky, garbage food.

That’s another topic I need to address.  Eat until you are full, and good, and like you could go out into the world and not be tempted to eat while you are out.  I’m serious,  don’t leave your house hungry.  I advocate water fasts.  I really do.  But, if you are leaving hungry, it’s better to drink a bullet-proof coffee.  Spend the 370 something calories in order to not eat curry-fried rice later.  It’s pure fat, won’t spike your insulin that much, and makes it so that you remain in charge of food intake.  Also, this may seem obvious, but better quality foods, keep you full longer.  I’m not quoting any study, but I AM speaking from my experience.  I’d rather eat a handful of macadamias on my way out the door, then eat sweet and sour pork, feel good while I’m eating it, and immediately beat myself for the day because of it.  And then, self-soothe with more shitty food.  I’m sure crack feels amazing, but you wouldn’t even touch it beause of the after photos you see, or because you know someone who’s gone down the path of darkness, and seen what it does to the life of the family, and the abuser. Sugar addiction and more directly, metabolic syndrome, is very, very similar in too many ways to a hard drug addiction:

1. It’s preventable, you don’t NEED a triple decker bacon cheese burger.  Although, you could ditch the bun and eat a salad and be good for the day.

2. It lights up the same part of the brain.  If you look at a scan of a brain of a meth user and someone who just ate an entire thing of cotton candy… It’s identical.  You wouldn’t be able to tell a single difference.  Sugar is drugs people. Samesies.

3.  Shame!  You shame you, I shame you, we all shame you.  Feeling good immediately isn’t that great if it means you hate yourself for it after.

And, in order to keep this list brief, 2 more:

4. It affects the people around you.  You think being obese only affects you? How rude, and selfish.  You dying of heart failure,  fatty liver or stroke, affects your loved ones.  I never met my grandfathers.  Either of them.  One died of pancreatic cancer, the other of brain cancer.  Cancer cells feed on glucose, exclusively.  No glucose, no cancer cell.  Preventative medicine people, isn’t taught with chemo, it’s taught with brussel sprouts and healthy fats.

5. Besides the obvious life-threatening disease.  It affects YOU! I never went on roller coasters because I was fat.  I made my friends babysit my feelings, or would obstain from going completely, binging and hating on myself all the way.  I held my breath tying my shoes, bought huge clothes that would “hide” my size.  I would secret eat.  Wait until people were asleep or gone and then binge.  Being sour and apologetic makes you into someone you aren’t.  I confused my personality with my neuroses about my weight.  You can be free of the self-hate.  I promise.  Keto works for me.  Someone who was hopeless about losing weight, skeptical of the next trendy diet, and thought I was incapable of changing myself.  I have a long way to go, but that is sort of the point of this blog.  To have a chronicle for someone just starting their weightloss journey, written by someone in the middle of theirs.  I believe in you, if I can do it, so can you.

Cha!  Happy Eating!



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