That’s a Crock…pot

I’m too busy to do Keto!

In the time it took me to fry some eggs in the morning, I made a chicken crock-pot for dinner later.  Since I’m not eating until about three today, I used the time normally spent for eating and having coffee, for making dinner and…having coffee.  Because after all, coffee doesn’t break a fast.  If my crock-pot isn’t ready when I want it to be, I can always break fast with cheese and nuts…or a salad.  We just bought macadamias and pecans also, two of the most keto-friendly nuts!

We decided to do pulled chicken breast, so that we can make keto pupusas! I’m not gonna lie, we could have kept it super simple and just ate crock-pot chicken.  But, why not?  Making keto naan takes all of 2 minutes to put together, and only needs 10 minutes to sit! Plus frying anything in butter makes it extra delicious, n’est-ce pas?

Keto chicken and cheese pupusas with curtido!

A pro-tip

Cook your pupusas alone.  You want the pan to be as hot as possible.  The keto dough is simply not as sturdy, and you want a solid crust, and a successful flip.  I tried two in the pan, it worked, but they weren’t nearly as crispy and delicious.

Talk nerdy to me!

Chicken and Cheese Pupusas!

In my chicken crock-pot I included, organic boneless, skinless chicken breast that I buy from Trader Joe’s, purple cabbage, green onion, garlic, yellow onion, key limes, parsley and taco seasoning.  I know I should have made my own spice mix, andddd that what I did isn’t traditional.  But, I bought an organic taco seasoning mix from my local co-op that I find absolutely delicious.  Just try to hate on my cheesy, chicken pupusas.  You can’t do it!

The cheese mixture I used was 50% raw organic cheddar, 50% local, organic, mozzarella made right here, in Albuquerque!  Hecho en Nuevo Mexico baby!  I seasoned the Keto “naan” with salt, garlic powder, and some of our taco seasoning (very little).  I fried the pupusas in butter, tempered with olive oil, so the butter wouldn’t burn.  But, these particular Keto Pupusas are so low-fat that I wanted to add a fair chunk.  Maybe next time, I’ll see about making the filling more fatty. We shall see indeed.

Our Purple Curtido!

Pickling liquid is equal parts warm water and ACV, with salt to taste. The water is warm in order for the salt to dissolve properly. I followed the lady’s directions in the video.

Here’s the recipe I based mine from. I always improvise. I strongly suggest you use things you have in your fridge as well.

Save that money! And, eat pickled vegetables. Great for your health, so much so, it’s worthy of it’s own post. Mas Tarde.

Here’s a quick reader’s digest link to SOME of the benefits of Apple Cider Vinegar.  It’s really incredible stuff.

Salvadoreño, Tenor Rafael Montes had a long operatic career. Unfortunately, I couldn’t find anything from the repertoire on youtube. But, here’s a nice Salvadorean song. He passed away in 2012.

Cha! Happy Eating!



Macadamia nut milk!  0 net carbs!  I bet you the macadamia nut milk I make myself is better.  But, I thought that this was worth a try.

  • Thought I'd give this a try We'll see how it goes

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