Leftovers can be a completely different meal.  Boredom isn’t the food’s fault…

Learn to tacos, at least to yourself.


Repurposed Potsticker filling. Served with parmesan taco shells, sour cream, salsa, and a simple ACV slaw


Circular thoughts that keep me fat.

This blog may have repeated thoughts and feelings.  But, I wanted to consolidate them onto one post. I’d like to tackle somewhat difficult subjects on this blog, if not for a journal’s sake,  at least to give you all thought processes that kept me from achieving the weightloss I have already achieved (lost 90 lbs when I was 20,) and what was keeping me from doing it again. Until now.

In today’s post my attempt at talking about those difficult subjects will start with what I call “fat person thoughts.” This isn’t to offend anyone, it’s because I speak to myself with the utmost bluntness, and this is how I think when I’m alone and left to my own devices:

Disclaimer: This is me, my thoughts, talking to myself, and doesn’t reflect my feelings or thoughts about anyone else.  But, on the other hand, I feel that if you are honest with yourselves you may have something in common with these circular thoughts.

Fat person thought number 1 that needed adjustment was:

“I already ate _________!  So I’m gonna eat x,y,z I’ve been missing. While I’m messing up, I may as well”

The first thing you need to realize is that once you wean yourself off of sugar you won’t crave it anymore.  So, if you think you are in nutritional ketosis, and you are still craving cotton candy or whatever it is you crave, chances are you aren’t in ketosis as you thought, and should count carbs more carefully if not calories as well. For me, it’s pasta and noodle soups that end up, not just soup, but as vietnamese coffees and ice cream on top of the pho.  This idea of filling up your day with crap foods because you blew it early on is what addicts do.  “Oh I smoked meth, may as well quit tomorrow.”  It’s a lazy, binge facilitating cop out. Sorry.  The way to properly get back “on it” is to stop eating. Drink water.  And wait until your stomach feels hungry again before eating.  More sugar begets more cravings and makes it harder to “get back on it hardcore, tomorrow.” Uh-huh, how’d that work last time?  I know I’ve lost the same 10 pounds a hundred times.  It’s more tiring that way, I promise.  In singing it’s a lot of work to keep your throat open and soft palate high.  But, it’s more work to collapse and re-open and collapse and re-open.  Singing teaching life.

Fat person thought number 2:.

I thought that if it was 2pm and I hadn’t eaten yet, that I should eat, because it’s time.  This is so sad.  I was eating because it’s what people do.  This is another food addict thought.  “Welp, everyone’s eating, I should to.  I don’t want to go into starvation mode.”  First of all, “starvation mode” has been disproven a thousand times.  When you don’t eat, your HGH sky rockets, your cravings go down, and you lose POUNDS.  It’s that simple.  It’s one thing to have plans with friends, and to fast around it; it’s another thing completely to eat because it’s lunch time.

Eat when you are hungry.  On keto I can barely eat my 2,100 calories.  When I was eating unchecked carbs, I could easily down 4,000-8,000 a day. EASY on a good day.  Carbs beget cravings.  I was talking with Lara today saying ” If I tried to eat as much as I was eating, I’d throw up and cry.” For real.  When your brain is starving for nutrients because of high resting blood insulin, you’ll eat all day and your brain will still think you are starving.


Fat person thought #3:

“I went to the gym today, that’s good enough. Celebration!”

I would regularly tell myself “I walked for 45 minutes today, that means I can binge out at a Chinese restaurant.”  Literally, your walk burned off the two tablespoons of butter you put in your omelette, that by the way, you ate with hash browns and a huge glass of OJ. Going to the gym makes your brain feel good, your muscles, and change your filter on the world.  I am in no way  telling you to not workout.  Lifting weights makes it so you burn calories passively.  While you are sitting on the couch after lifting weights, your body is spending calories to rebuild the fibers you ripped lifting heavy things.  But, unless you do serious cardio, the calories you burn in the gym wouldn’t put you near a deficit if you eat a lot, like I did.  The deficit you are looking for is in the kitchen.  Your fat-loss will happen by changing your bodies fuel source to fats.  It will happen by eating one ingredient, organic, whole foods.  Do you even know what they put in the food you are eating?  It’s ok to eat slightly more on days you go to the gym, but eat only what you earn while you were there.  Did you sprint 5 miles?  Then maybe you earned 500 calories if you are lucky.  That’s like a 1/2 cup of cream with a few berries.  Not a large Big Mac meal with a coke.

Fat person thought #4!

We grew up in a time where our parents were raised by parents who went through the great depression.  A time of very very little.We heard this one a lot. “Don’t let this food go to waste!”  Or, my personal favorite “That is too little to save, let me finish it!”

I have regularly been a garbage disposal for friends and family since I was young.  I acted like the calories didn’t exist.  Now, I’ve reframed the whole thing. I am not the Flintstone’s Garbage Disposal.  I do not need to eat anyone’s left overs.  I’m not saying to cook a bunch of food and let it go bad.  I’m saying, save it for tomorrow. Eat…those…leftovers….

Cheers, Happy eating!


Here is Bass, Kurt Moll, singing Schubert’s “Der Tod und das Mädchen”

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