Chinese Easter

Easter, Pesach and keto potstickers?!  Yes, it makes sense.



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  • Fried Rice style hemp seeds with egg and green bean Has a nice sweetness to it!

Keto Potstickers!

Having been a gigging musician for long enough, I forget what’s it like to have a day off on Easter.  We went to the store recently and the checker reminded Lara and I to “have a good holiday weekend!”  I looked at her confused.  This time of the year, and Christmas are the busiest for us. I forgot what they were even saying. lol

There’s a long standing relationship between the Jewish people and Chinese people,  Chinese restaurant owners specifically, in America. When I was a kid, we would often get discouraged that everything closed on Easter, until my Dad took us to a Chinese restaurant. Always open on Catholic holidays!   I don’t actually remember the first time, because I’m sure I was in a stroller, but I can tell you I was immediately hooked.   Now, this long-standing, generations-old tradition of eating Chinese food on Easter, every year, lives!

Since we had the rest of the day off after morning services, I felt ready to take on a blog project.  I don’t want to rush posts, or feel like I have to put something up every day, or post blogs with huge amounts of information every time. I feel like this one will be right in the middle. I took a no carb pasta dough recipe from youtube and decided to try for Keto Potstickers. This was totally worth it in the end!

However, first, a few things to consider: Let me be honest and say I wish there were 10 people helping us, instead of just me and Lara.  I forgot that these things are done with many, many hands on deck, to fold as fast as humanly possible. The dough is very particular, and delicate, although, after a few tries, we got the hang and made many successful potstickers. That being said, if there were more of us, the dough would have been more manageable, as it got harder to work with, as time went on.

This dough is incredible.  Eggs, Psyllium, Cream Cheese.  That’s it.  Super calorie dense though so proceed with caution…  I ate a lot, but the psyllium will help soften the blow.  We also decided to eat once today.  For real though, most of the carbs I had were in the dipping sauce which I made with: Hot chili oil, rice vinegar (pretty carby) and coconut aminos!  Absolutely delicious.  I was sweaty by the time food was ready, but we sat and ate silently for around 20 minutes straight!

Mini Talk Nerdy to me!

This is the kind I use

Here’s a very short list of the health benefits of ingesting Psyllium husks on a regular basis:

1. Digestive health!

Constipated, the opposite? Take some of this!

2. Lowers Cholesterol-

Soluble fiber, the type contained in psyllium, can help lower cholesterol, according to the University of Maryland Medical Center. Psyllium appears to lower both total cholesterol as well as LDL or bad cholesterol, which might reduce the risk of heart disease. When combined with a low-fat diet or cholesterol-lowering drugs, psyllium appears to boost the benefit of either of these approaches to lowering cholesterol.

3.Lowers blood pressure

4.Lowers blood sugar

5. There’s some evidence that it may help with inflammatory diseases.

6! 0 net carb dough though!

I know this is more of a Christmas thing, but, it remains one of my favorite Catholic pieces, or any, I have ever learned.  Especially sweet under the baton of Dr. Buddy James, it couldn’t have been much better.

Cheers, Happy eating, happy Easter! Amen!


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