April 2018

Welcome the 2nd month of OPERAtion Keto!

2014 some time.

We have gained some serious traction and this month will be about simplicity and sustainability!  If you haven’t already, please follow my Instagram: @operation_keto

This month we will also be tackling difficult thinking loops that limit our success and diminish our health in the end.  More importantly, how to stop the cycle.  Thank you for your support, and help in making this dream of mine become a reality!


This was taken a few weeks ago, at around -40 lbs for me, 85 for Lara.


Chinese Easter
Easter, Pesach and keto potstickers?!  Yes, it makes sense. ALL CREDIT GOES TO NICHOLAS LYON-WRIGHT FOR SHOWING ME THE WONDROUS
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Eating and Honing
Niccolai Gedda at his best. Nuance and precision determines dietary success Talk Nerdy to Me! 3/30/18 No Scotch Eggs…yet Today
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Chia and weightloss
3/28/18 The Proof is in the Puddin’! Talk Nerdy to Me! A 1 ounce (28 grams) serving of chia seeds contains: Fiber: 11
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Sashimi and Pizza?!
3/27/18 SASHIMI AND PIZZA Broccoli not pictured.  We just steamed it in the rice cooker. Cheap sushi at Whole Foods!!!
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Busy Days
3/25/18 BUSY DAYS, AND WHAT TO DO ABOUT FOOD. “But!” Say you, “I’m busy, and out all day, I simply
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Tracking Smarter
3/24/18 Cauliflower mash two ways. Use leftovers!  When you make a dish, wake up the next day, and can’t bring
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Feast and Famine
3/23/18 FEAST AND FAMINE! The crispy, finished product! Sometimes you want some cracky bullshit.  At least I do.  But, instead
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3 staples
3/21/18 3 STAPLES: STAYING ON YOUR FAT NUMBERS Hitting your fat quotient for the day is by far the hardest
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Hormones & desserts
3/21/18 Hormones, Keto Flu, and desserts. I thought that today’s post was going to be about desserts.  It is still,
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The Letter
3/19/18 The Letter ‘S’: Succulent Steakburgers, Salad, and Simple Staples. Spring is for succulent, satiatiating, simple recipes. Spring has sprung
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