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No Scotch Eggs…yet

Today was supposed to be scotch eggs. But I didn’t do it for several good reasons.  If you’ve read this blog for a minute, you know that I’ve gained weight this week. So, eating a deep-fried, sausage wrapped egg, didn’t and doesn’t sound like the best idea to me.  I am also busy this week. Also, I’m running low on oil. So, eating salads and saag paneer sounded like a better move.  I lost 4 pounds over night.  This isn’t all fat obviously.  But, I was definitely stuck in a weight range that still had me bloated and tired, and needed to tweak my macros.

This brings me to the topic of the day.  Honing your macros:  The advantage of My Fitness Pal is that you can track calories, proteins, fats, carbs, and fiber, all for free.  Tracking is annoying.  But isn’t being uncomfortable annoying also?  One is better than the other, and I won’t insult your intelligence. That being said, if you are obese like me, you don’t need to have huge amounts of fats on the plate, because you have stores that you can access as long as your carbs remain low.  That’s why carbs, not calories are more important to count.  There is a growing body of research that shows people with Type II diabetes DO NOT need to count calories, but instead,  only need to restrict carbs and their eating window.  16 hours of fasting minimum.  I shoot for 23.  Sometimes I do, sometimes I don’t.  But I’ll tell you another thing I’ve noticed.  When I do fast properly, I lose weight, and when I don’t, I don’t.

Tracking enables you to know why you aren’t dropping weight, and more importantly what proportions of which macros your body prefers.  Many times especially as beginners we eat too many hidden carbs. Things that have carbs, that you don’t think of, mostly certain vegetables.

I suspected that’s what was keeping me from losing weight.  Lo and behold, when I limited my carbs to under 20 for 2 days in a row, I dropped a significant amount of weight.  I also paired that with OMAD (one meal a day.)  Doing things like this on purpose to break plateaus is the right way to go about it.  It doesn’t mean you have to do it forever. In addition, as I said above, this isn’t all fat.  But, surely, some is.  One meal at a time folks.  If you have 100 lbs to lose, lose 1 pound a hundred times.

Treat yourself like a two-year-old that doesn’t get to decide what they eat. Another way to reframe it would be, treating yourself like a science experiment.  How would you get a test subject to drop weight.  Feed them salads and make them eat once a day?  Why do you think that wouldn’t work on you?  Eat Cobb salad!  Fatty, delicious, filling.  And straight up, you will drop weight.  Replace the ranch with mct oil, or olive oil!  Eat good fats.  Would you try these experiments for one day or five?  Begin to eliminate mind games you play with yourself to enable shitty behavior.  Especially those that revolve around you over eating and making excuses as to why that’s ok.  I’m so guilty, but getting better.  Just don’t give up.

The point of this post, pardon my rambling, is that you should tweak your target macros, and hit them consistently for 4-5 days straight, to see how you feel.  If you need higher fat, eat an avocado, not scotch eggs.  Once I level out at a lower weight I’ll make the scotch eggs, but it is a cheat food.  I needed to eat nutritious food.  Saag paneer, hemp seed risotto and salads made me feel great.  I’ll keep eating this way for a few more days until I’m officially -40+lbs.  Then we’ll go from there.

Cheers,  Happy eating,


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