Sashimi and Pizza?!



  • Avocado has a few carbs, but salmon has none! So, I had soy sauce and ginger! Budget carbs so you eat more of what you want.

Broccoli not pictured.  We just steamed it in the rice cooker.

Cheap sushi at Whole Foods!!! What???

Yep.  I said it.  I spent $26 on that plate of sashimi.  I ate it with no rice, didn’t pay for service, and had an incredible lunch.  I am about to say something I never, ever thought I’d say.  If you want to eat sushi cheap, go to Whole Foods.  Just typing that feels blasphemous.  But, I’m saying if you go there for specific items, Whole paycheck CAN be a deal.  Just whatever you do, don”t do your weekly shopping there.  If you do, you’ll quickly discover why I call it Whole Paycheck.

Talk Nerdy to me!

Sashimi and Pizza?!

YES!  That’s what we ate yesterday. Don’t judge on me. I ate sashimi and Lara had pizza and broccoli.  I can’t lie though, I had some of all of it.

Sometimes, you have to make meals that are calorie dense because you know that you are busy alllll day, and that those foods will feed you for longer periods of time.  Staying full, for long periods is important in certain situation.  Lara and I are currently in Opera Southwest’s production of Norma.  We open in two weeks.  This means 6 long nights a week.  So, I doubled Headbanger Kitchen’s fathead dough recipe, and made a ground beef alfredo pizza.  A good trick for keto fans, is to make a cream-based sauce and to throw some sun-dried tomatoes in,  instead of using a can or fresh tomatoes, just for the carb count.   Lara loves sun-dried tomatoes, so it works for us, and I like keeping carbs low where I can.  Mostly so that I choose what carbs I REALLY want!

We have been eating a lot.  I’ve gained weight every day this week.  Being in a show is tricky, but I plan on fasting until 6 today. In our defense though, there’s still half a pie in the fridge.  Protein-rich foods, and fiber-rich foods go a long way to keep you full over time.  Tuna salad is great, especially rounded out with celery, like I spoke about before.  It’s okay to eat over your calories on busy days, or at least eat calorie dense foods.

The problem comes when it’s every time you eat.  When like in my case,  there’s a negotiation about why it’s ok that you binged, or blacked out and ate the whole world, or ate 3,000 calories over.  Track your food! And, make a different kind of negotiation.  Calorie cycle!

No, carb cycling isn’t the same thing, that’s not useful for people that have weight to lose.  People hear about carb cycling from body builders, and forget that those people aren’t insulin resistant at all. In fact the are working out for like 6-8 hours every day no exceptions, so…Do you do that?  Then this blog isn’t for you probably. On the other hand, If you have a gut, like me, guess what? Somewhere along the line, your body isn’t properly absorbing, and using your nutrients.  This is either because of dietary imbalance (wayyyyyy too much sugar, hidden or otherwise,) hormone imbalance or both.  Calorie cycling is when you eat a lot. Then, the next day, or in two days, you purposely eat less.  To the average American this seems extreme, but every major religion has been doing self-induced fasts for thousands of years.  This isn’t for no reason.  It hones the mind.  Self-control is a hugely important tool for not getting discouraged on this very long road to losing 90+ lbs.

I have lost the same 10 lbs hundreds of times, *face palm*, but this time is different. I feel it in my body, that this is what will make me a healthy person. The reason I started this blog was partly to keep me honest and on track, and partly to show that you can eat the things you want, if you keto-fy them.  I have to admit that so far, the majority of my posts have been keto acceptable cheat foods.  You need to eat salads and copious veggies.  But, how many times can I post a picture of a salad?  I want to give you ideas for when you get bored.

I’m not nearly at my goal weight, but the tides have turned. I’m at -35lbs. I feel that’s too far to say, “I’m tired of dieting and eating differently.” Too far to let myself balloon back to over 300 pounds. You have to refuse to lose. If you eat carbs, or over eat by 3-5,000 calories, start again, fast, bulletproof fast.  Anything, to get you back on track.  Whole foods are the answer to the “standard” American diet.

Keto has changed my outlook. First of all, I have seen another level of energy potential, a much more positive outlook on life in general, and the research shows incredible health benefits, both immediate and preventative.  It cannot be ignored by people looking for the answer to reclaiming their health through weightloss.   As I have said in previous posts, weightloss is the most immediate symptom you will see diminish.  But it isn’t the most important one. Keto has been proven to prevent cancers and destroy pre-existing cancers, all kinds of auto-immune diseases and deficiencies, help you reuse, recycle or excrete stray proteins in the brain that lead to Alzheimer’s and much, much more! I suggest watching this longer video by Mike Mutzel at High Instensity Health on Youtube, about Parkinson’s and Keto!


Keto is showing very promising signs of preventing and abating pre-existing auto-immune and neurological disorders!

Here’s is William Curtis’ story

To stay with our Japanese theme, here is the incomparable Franco Corelli singing Madame Butterfly.

I’m sure he loved sushi.

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