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“But!” Say you, “I’m busy, and out all day, I simply cannot eat keto…what am I supposed to do Gab!? Ugh!”

Firstly lol, yes you can.  Can and want are two different things.  This post is somewhat of an extension of the keto staples post, but still worth talking about. Sometimes it happens that you are super busy all day.  THESE are the days to rely on your staples.  We made egg salad last night.  We made sandwich wraps with romaine, sliced turkey, and our egg salad.  They were off the hook.  Not pictured, because well, they were gone too quickly.

The beginning of my weightloss has been a success for two main reasons.  My cheat meals are at least keto friendly, even if I go over my calorioes, I won’t feel horrible the next day, or the tell tale sign, ten minutes after eating.

The other reason I have been successful, is a two-parter.  One, I have kept my fridge full of things I can eat as long as my window is still open.  Meaning, there are no items in my house that are off limits, and I can always eat at home, whenever I’m hungry.   Even if it’s a handful of nuts.This has kept me much more on track.

Two, just make eating out off limits.  If you want to eat, go home.  Eat what you have, what you know will make you feel good.  Fast outside of the house.  Tell your friends you’ve eaten, if you don’t feel like announcing that you are fasting.  It’s no one else’s business anyhow.  Just grab a handful of macadamias before you leave the house or string cheese or keto safe beef jerky, ANYTHING, so that you aren’t tempted to eat some bs while you are running errands or at work for 6 hours.  In a pinch, starbucks has pats of kerrygold.  Go get a big cup of coffee and drop some butter in it. MMM…

Prep, but, if you don’t have time. Buy foods at the store that are grab and go!

Some say string cheese, I say fresh mozz.  Better food keeps you full longer. Also, as my folks know, I have expensive taste.  Don’t be mad because I like fancy things!

Gringo taco salad

The Gringo Taco Salad is also a good ol’ stand-by for us.  At this point, we really try to just always have everything we need in the house to make it.  At our local co-op we can buy organic taco seasoning in bulk.  Ground beef is easy to find. Tj’s sells grassfed single pounds.  Just add a little cheese and guac and you are set.  Delicious, nutrtious, and romaine is the second most nutrient-dense green in existence behind the almighty water cress. Take that kale lovers!  Kale is ok at best…smothered in butter.  I digress.  Staples, staples, easy staples.  These stand-bys will be your saving graces.  The hard-boiled egg out-the-door trick.

Talk Nerdy To Me!


You don’t need to be a fancy chef, and eat new dishes every night of the week.  Make the same, or similar dishes a lot, with what you purchase at once at the store.  For example, We planned on two taco salads this week because of our schedules, and then executed at the market. Also, eat leftovers.  THEN after keeping it simple for a week, or two, or three or better yet, when you get bored, try a new dish, something you can prepare to spice up your set rotation.  If you know you are going to be swamped all day, start your window early, and eat before you leave.  Then eat again when you return.

So many times it’s the same people that complain about keto being so expensive, that cook a fresh meal every night and let all of their leftovers go bad in the fridge.  Don’t be that guy! That’s just bad form.

Keeping a strict window matters, but not so much, if you have been on your feet all day. If you sit a lot at work, go for a walk during lunch instead of eating.  Your body will thank you. Remember, while you are fasting to drink water, though.  A lot of water.  Lara and I have a saying between us: “Feed that shit some water.”  It’s kinda rude, but that’s not the point.

The point is, all you need while you are out in the world, is water.  Pastries and breakfast burritos are only good while they are in your mouth.  Granted, there’s really not that many options for good food, here in Albuquerque, but still, even in the Bay Area, you never know what they put in their foods to keep you coming back.  99.9% of the time I bet you it’s some form of sugar…just sayin’.

Nobody likes tracking their calories!

I love taking a fist full of cheese and eating on my way to work.  It keeps me full.  And  it keeps me sharp, especially if I’m eating cheddar. lol.  But seriously, eat goat’s milk cheese instead.  I got some fancy goat’s milk cheese from Whole Paycheck.  Look for it in future posts this week.

This brings me to my subtitle (sorry for the anticipation), that way you can track!

Tracking your food is the only way to keep yourself honest about what you are eating. I think anyone that has 50+ lbs to lose, has no excuse.  If you could handle eating without tracking, you wouldn’t have gotten to this point.  I tell myself this everyday.  It keeps me trackingwild

You won’t have to track forever, but until you can look at a plate, and tell yourself accurately, like within 10 calories what’s on the plate, just do it.  A year, or two or three.  Do it a lot, a lot, a lot longer than you want to.  Because, I said so.  And, mostly because, if you can’t be honest with yourself as to how much of what you are eating, who do you think will!?

Concluding Note: Losing weight isn’t the most comfortable thing in the world.  There are days you’ll be hungry.  If you are comfortable eating 4,000 over your maintainance calories, eating the proper amount will make your body rebel.  Calm your mind.  “Let thy food be thy medicine”

Think about it this way.  You are eating this way, to undo the damage you’ve done. This is because you are used to eating whenever and whatever you feel like.  Calories count.  Not as much as they say, but balance of energy is very important to regulating weight.  Burn more than you take in. This is a very simple, but extremely difficult rule to follow. If we could follow it, we wouldn’t be fat.  It must be followed in order to lose weight.  Trust when I say, I’m sorry about this too.  I.F. AND KETO TO THE RESCUE! Track your food! Myfitnesspal is free. No excuses.

Trust the process and keep trying.
Cheers, Happy Eating,

Maria Callas getting Bizet!

Marilyn Horne getting Bizet!

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