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Cauliflower mash two ways.

Use leftovers!  When you make a dish, wake up the next day, and can’t bring yourself to eat the same thing over again, mix it up.  I took my cauli mash and made keto kofta dumplings and a quick masala.  I’ve been trying to get Head Banger’s kitchen to make malai kofta, but got impatient and made my own recipe!  Go out on a limb, try something new! You never know, you might like it! I put a new recipe into my rotation today.

Instead of cashews and potatoes, like the original recipe I used ground macadamias, cheese, cauli mash, and psyllium husks as a binder!  I finished the dumplings with a dusting of almond flour before frying them, and topped my dish with parsley and left over macadamia crumbs. Bon Apetit!

  • Cauliflower, chopped and ready to be boiled! To fork tender!


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Tracking your sanity, not your poundage.

There’s nothing more discouraging than climbing on to the scale and finding that you have gained weight for the third day in a row.  But, there are a few things you MUST consider before you say “Whatever, keto isn’t for me!”  Your weight depends on a great many different factors: water intake, salt, sleep, calories in, exercise, mood,  etc.  on and on.  So, before you get discouraged, know that the scale is a good tool to track progress over long periods of time. Day to day, however, they are the fastest way that people assign themselves poor self-worth for no reason at all.  Here are my helpful tips that I tell myself, that  hopefully may help you reframe your attachment to the scale:

1. Weight loss is NOT linear.  I find that my body loves 6-7 lb ranges.  Taking time to lose weight on this diet has left my body in several plateaus.  Think of it as your body acclimatizing itself to a new happy weight range.  Right now, I’m sitting 263.5-268.  The last week or so, it’s been within this range.  This is far better than 30?-293.  Do you want to lose weight quickly, or for good?  For someone who has 75lbs+ to lose, low and slow is the ticket.  Plus, there are better ways to track progress.

2. Measure yourself with a tape measure.  Arms, chest, WAIST, really wherever you feel you want to see progress.  I have gained weight three days in a row, but my pants would be at my ankles if I didn’t have a belt on right now. I’m needing 36’s sooooon.  I was in 42-44’s.  Besides, we haven’t slept great, haven’t hit water quotas, and have been eating keto cheat meals.  Take into consideration environmental factors that maybe hindering your progress.  If you gain 2 lbs, it’s most likely water weight anyways.  2 lbs of fat is 7,000 calories.  Did you eat that much?  No? Then you good!

3. Fast! Did you over do it yesterday?  Did you binge out on some fast food, or something else horrible?  Instead of beating your self up, telling yourself you are a failure and self-soothing with more carb-rich instantly gratifying foods, foods that leave you feeling like a couch-locked blob in three minutes flat, try….NOT EATING, until you are hungry.  Sounds like a punishment.  It’s not.  We have been brainwashed by the establishment into thinking food will fix our emotional distress.  Pies, chocolate, and oodles of noodles don’t help.  Getting your mind right, stomach empty, and water in does.  I promise.  There is evidence that a three day fast completely regenerates every cell of your immune system.  If you are sick, try not eating.  It’s not that funny that they tell us to “rest our bodies, now drink this theraflu, ginger ale, condensed chicken noodle soup etc.” But Gab “What should I do instead?” Do broth? Yes! Bone broth has so many health benefits, collagen, Jewish grandmother magic and throat soothing abilities.  People even bullet proof their broth, if they aren’t trying to do a true fast.

4. Exercise.  Getting your blood flowing is not as big of a deal as they say it is in the fitness industry.  DISCLAIMER: This is not me saying you shouldn’t exercise. But, even IFBB professional body builders will tell you, abs are built in the kitchen.  Exercise is for changing body composition, building muscle, and burning calories while you are chillin’.  Breaking down muscles fibers in the weight room takes energy, and rebuilding stronger muscle fibers requires calories.  So, after the gym, while you are cooking your post workout meal, you are still burning calories.  This creates a huge advantage for your body.  Mostly though, exercise rushes your brain with dopamine.  It feels GOOD!  It changes your mood from ‘everything is terrible’ to ‘neutral’.  This shift is enough to turn your day around, make you more successful in work situations, and DUH DUH DUH! Keeps you more likely to stay on the diet, within your calories and gives an extra incentive to do good that day.  Why ‘waste’ all that time in the gym, if you are gonna eat Twinkies and ho-hos.  Lifting weights and eating 6,000 calories and 400g of carbs is attrition if you ask me.  It’s ok to eat more on workout days, but, I used to say, “oh I went to the gym, so let me pound this Gordo’s burrito!  I did good enough.”  Advice from a fat guy, don’t do that.  Celebrate a good day in the gym by watching a movie or watching the sunset with a loved one.

Cheers, Happy eating!


Our recording today is Fritz Wunderlich singing “Sanfte soll mein todeskummmer.”  From Bach’s Easter Oratorio.  Find simplicity through cacophony.  Not that I need a reason to post, but,  I’m singing a dress rehearsal of it tomorrow.  Grub on!

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