Feast and Famine



The crispy, finished product!

Sometimes you want some cracky bullshit.  At least I do.  But, instead of throwing your diet to the wind, figure out ways to KETO-fy your wish.  Firstly, it will taste better than fast food, secondly it may even help you stay on your daily numbers, with the added benefit of being nutritious.  We wanted taco bell the other night.  Having stayed on my diet for 74 days straight,  I wasn’t willing to blow it.  Especially because I’ve been feeling great! So, we went to the store.  We bought all the ingredients necessary to make KETO crunch wraps and we executed!  Baking them folded, upside down, brushed with the leftover beef fat makes them super crunchy, super decadent, and super delicious.

Low carb tortillas?!

I know, I know, I keep hounding the completely natural food thing.  This is why this post is dedicated to cheat foods.  These crunch wraps aren’t picture perfect health foods.  The low-carb tortillas are made with wheat.  So, one must ask: How are these low carb though???? Chemicals… Chemicals are the answer to how these tortillas are 3 net carbs.  But, sometimes you want to feel like a person.  And do what people do, and eat some sweet, fatty, bullshit!  Make it barely acceptable on your diet.  For 650 calories, 12 net carbs, it’s a good way to feel bad, and do good.  I also ate that salad though. First.

  • This is how we started our day! Try to walk on dirt, the earth gives off powerful postive ions and improves mood and joint health!


Fasting in conjunction with keto


The idea of eating three squares is a bit ridiculous.  Our cavemen ancestors didn’t have cereals.  They didn’t exist.  They did not drink cow’s milk.  Cows didn’t exist! Besides, that’s weird. Why drink another mammal’s milk?  But, what they did do, is eat huge feasts when they caught large game.  Then, unlike the safeway having homosapiens of the 21st century with food at our fingertips, they, our  beloved cavemen, ran out of food. Their gigantic feasts, were followed by famine.  Long periods of time where they ate nothing at all.  And you know what?  Their fat stores sustained them.

There is a theory that humans grew large frontal cortexes BECAUSE they had fat stores that sustained them through famines.  Instead of spending all their time eating to sustain life, like the squirrels, there were periods of time when we could, stop, think, get bored, invent tools, etc.  When I was younger, and someone would ask me if I was hungry, I’d self-depricatingly announce “I could go for weeks without food, but yes.”  The truth is, fat is designed for this.  I have Gordo’s burritos stored from 2010, and because of the volume of food I’ve eaten since, they are still there waiting for their day in the sun, to feed my brain.  So, we the obese, must trick our body’s by Intermittently fasting, and breaking fast at different times to make our bodies think that we are literally starving, and to burn our reserves. It works, fasting has been proven to be the fastest way to burn fat. But you gotta eat! This is where KETO comes in.

Insulin spikes no matter what you eat, but Keto is designed to turn those spikes into happy little hills instead, so that your blood sugar, and more importantly your insulin stays low.  There’s new research showing that even if all you do is IF, it is possible to reverse type II diabetes.  But, why not help it along by eating foods that purposely keep blood sugar spikes low, with long times of fasting in between, to give your organs a rest.  Getting your health right is the goal, not weight loss.  It’s terrible that we live in a world where everyone is pushing us to take time, meditate, self-care, get fit etc etc…But simultaneously, they tell us to eat oatmeal, and crackers, protein bars and rice.  Eating nothing at all would be better.

This has been the hardest shift for me.  Reframing my goals away from weight loss.  Weight loss is inevitable if you eat right and fast.  Longer fasts are proven to exponentially speed these health-restoring processes, but I’ve been building up to a longer one. Haven’t done it yet, I guess, is what I’m saying. If you are just starting, 16-8  eating schedule is just right.  Right now, I’ve been doing 23 hour fasts.  Basically, that means eating once a day.  However, my fasting window changes often, as I talked about in previous posts, on purpose.  I’ve had several heavy eating days, which will inevitably be followed by lighter eating days.

Because of this current climate of having bad foods surrounding us at every turn,  we have to make the right choice for ourselves and turn off the noise, to purify our bodies, and our thoughts.  More than half of the work of changing body composition, of reclaiming our health, is changing our thinking about how the food we eat affects how we feel.  Sound body, sound mind.

Peace and love,

Sometimes it takes a Canadian to show us how to sing our own anthem. Sometimes we need to shift our perception to shift our reality.

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