3 staples


  • CAULI mash! So good! For you, and your taste buds!


Hitting your fat quotient for the day is by far the hardest part about starting out, on a keto diet.  Besides cutting carbs, lol.  I start off my day with a bullet-proof coffee.  It has 37g of fat.  A nice head start.  It does take you out of a fast though.  But, I’ve been experimenting with an earlier window.  Give it a try, see what you think.  In either case, it’s DELICIOUS.

Making your Cauli mash is simple enough.  Boil the cauliflower until it’s fork tender.  Then blend it up with butter, chives, garlic, salt, pepper, and la pièce de résistance, cream cheese.  Look at any recipe you think is good.  Personally, I’ve tried the ones that use whipping cream instead of cream cheese, and it’s just not quite as mashed potatoey.  I like it thick.  It makes me feel like I’m eating potatoes.  The other advantage of making cauliflower mash is that you can use it in other recipes, to make other things that require potatoes… (HINT HINT…head’s up for later installments)

The stalks make great home fries as well, for those of you breakfast enthusiasts.

And the mayo!  There are advantages and disadvantages to making mayo from scratch.  I’ll start with the disadvantages:

1. I suggest buying oil for it special. Every time I’ve made it so far, I’ve quickly found myself out of oil in my house…whoops.

2. Some might say this is a diadvantage, but I say it’s not.  It expires in a week.  Real, Home made mayonnaise goes bad folks.  Natural things, without preservatives, turn rancid.  If your “organic, all natural, farm-raised egg” jar of mayonnaise stays in your fride for 4 months and still tastes like it did on the first day, there’s garbage in it, no doubt.  Straight up.

3. The recipe makes kind of a lot, I’m calling this a disavantage because who thinks they can eat a cup of mayo in a week?  Not me.  However, try making chicken salad, or egg salad with it, and eating a lot of fat for a few days, then, after you run out, eat some salad y’all! Vary your diet.  Boredom is your fault.

As far as advantages, I kinda covered some of them.  It’s fresh, you know what’s in it, no preservatives, and best of all, whisking it into a mayonnaise got my arm swole!  BURNED more than a few calories.

Whisk away!




Hard to SELLERY…

Trick yourself into eating vegetables if you have to

I hate celery…There, I said it.  I think it belongs in soups…And with peanut butter, if you are 4.  But recently, I’ve been buying it, and forcing myself to eat it.  Not alone though, yuck.  I put it in my tuna salads, egg salads, and chicken salads to double or triple the volume of my salad.  It’s so good for you, the fiber is so high that the calories it costs, are null by the time you are done chewing.  Contrary to popular belief, it is not a negative calorie food.  But, it is ridiculously low.  Besides, while it’s hiding in a delicious egg salad, with tasty, sweet home made mayo, I can eat all the celery!

Our recording today is Placido squared!
Cheers, Happy Eating!

Quando le sere al placido, from Luisa Miller. Sung by Placido!

I’ve made listening to Placido a staple.

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