Indian Feast

Anniversary 3/17/18!

THE Seven year FEAST

I wanted to make Lara a special meal for our 7-year anniversary.

I decided to make a variety of the most successful Indian dishes I’ve tried since recently attempting to KETO-fy Indian dishes; more accurately, attempting any Indian dishes at all…  We’ve been pretty excited, and happily surprised at how good the homey, warm, delicious dishes like chicken tikka masala, butter chicken and Saag are, when they are homemade by me, with absolutely no training in a kitchen, or in Indian spices. Mostly though, we were surprised at how easy they are.
Our dinner tonight was primarily taste driven, but like most Indian dishes, ended up a nutritional cornucopia. The health benefits of the spices alone is staggering. Not to mention lean protein, ancient dairy and plant based fats.
I strongly suggest you conduct your own research. I’m not qualified to give any medical advice whatsoever, This is my own experience, research, weight loss journey and discoveries.  If you have questions, I am happy to say I don’t know, and/or refer you to studies I’ve read.  I haven’t read too many yet, but while I have access to the UNM libraries, I’ve been reading up. Youtube is also a great resource, as long as you are patient enough to weed out the nonsense videos.
 We made Goat Paneer for our Saag Paneer last night.  Paneer loves time to get firm. It’s ready fairly quickly, after only 3 hours of straining, draining, and being pressed. We both like it more on the firm side, so overnight in the fridge is perfect.  Besides  goat cheese being delicious and creamy, it is easier to digest because of two things, significantly less lactose, and the casein protein BCM7. This milk protein peptide, wasn’t in cow’s milk 10,000 years ago, but has since been bred into  exisitence in cows world wide.  Because of the prolific breeding of this mutated protein, there is no cow on earth that has a milk that is as easily digested as a goat’s anymore.
Dairy is a subject I’ll cover in a later post.  But, if you still want to eat cheese, like I do,  made fresh at home is the best! Goat products don’t contain the cancer-fueling BCM7 casein protein peptide that is a constant source of digestive discomfort for us.   Besides, the best part about this goaty goodness is that ingesting goat milk is like taking a step into a time machine, and going back to the taste and nutritional profile of the cow’s milk of the last ice age.
Side Note: I just learned the difference between Saag and Palak.  Saag is dark, leafy greens, Palak, is spinach.  We used organic super greens, and organic baby spinach.  So, technically we made a Saag Paneer.

My version of Tandoori chicken wings isn’t exactly traditional. The traditional recipe uses whole fat hung yogurt. There is debate about sustaining Ketosis and enjoying yogurt. Some swear by thick plain high quality yogurt, mainly for the probiotic, nice fat, and protein profiles. Since I love fermented vegetables and ACV, I get my probiotics elsewhere, and stay away from yogurt.

Tandoori is marinated twice, the first is in a masala and lemon juice, then, traditionally in a yogurt and masala bath.   Instead of yogurt, I used cream cheese, a splash of heavy cream, and water.  All in all, it was marinated for 8 hours.  I served it with lemon and sliced onion.  Some keto people might say no onion.  I challenge them to look up the nutrition facts for two tablespoons of yellow onion.  Lemon is great for your health, on both side of the argument.  If you are in strict nutritional ketosis you probably have cancer or epilepsy.  However,  for general health, I think lemons and onions or good vitamin-rich, mineral-rich, prebiotic foods, vital to a healthy gut biome. you really gonna drink 8 oz. of lemon juice or eat an entire raw onion?
The keto naans can be seasons any way you wish, and this time, I put salt, garlic powder and dried parsley in them.
Avocados and sesame seed oil were added to the plate because I wanted good plant fats since this was my only meal today.
Thank you for enjoying my post!
Cheers, Happy eating!
  • Homemade Goat Paneer and Tandoori chicken wings marinating 8 hours of marinating chicken wings!

Quality foods, preemptive medical costs, and Keto on a budget.

Avocado, the Fruit of the Gods, serving a Goddess.

Talk Nerdy to me section!
In place of going to restaurants for $40-$50, you can spend $12 at home and eat for two days, while Keto. Without delving too much into this, I’ll only say that people’s first argument is that “KETO is SO expensive.”  Eating calorie dense fats and protein from all organic, free range, Eco-friendly meats and dairy is expensive, no doubt. Especially if you eat three meals a day, or 6,  or snack often, it can be cripplingly expensive. However, not if you eat one or two meals a day.  It can actually be cheaper than eating three squares and a snack, a lot cheaper.
I think of buying quality foods as an insurance policy on my future my medical bills.  If I stay in good health, and avoid the exponentially higher risks of me having *another* stroke, I will, as happy consequence, live a happier, more fulfilling life, eating mouth watering food all the while. I never want to take blood pressure medication, die of heart failure, cancer, or diabetes.  All of these are aptly named.  Preventable diseases.
In a later post,  I’ll discuss fasting and the hormonal relationship it has with a ketogenic diet. But let me say, both Lara and I have been intermittently fasting because Fasting and Keto are cousins.
A few things:

First: The way I feel about buying all local, organic foods; produce, meat, and dairy.

I want to spend my money on high quality foods, that are chemical, preservative, BS free, one ingredient foods. This is why I’ve been making my own nut milks since 2015.  Even the fanciest almond, hemp, flax and oat milks you can buy at Whole Paycheck have added ingredients.  When did we forget that home made food is better than hipster boxed products.

I worked at Amyo Farms with a talented, young organic vegetable farmer Jesse Daves.  It awakened, and honed a special reverence for permaculture, soil, plants, and the ever self-sustaining, cyclical regeneration of responsibly cared for farmland. When you support local, family-owned business, your body returns to the past, before monoculture farms came into existence.  Small farms produce nutrient-dense foods, grown with love. These foods are fed, weeded, cared for, and harvested by people just like me!  By the very nature of how these plants came into existence, they are more delicious, and life giving.  I feel that when you eat this type of quality food, your mouth requires less, because the daily nutrient and mineral goals you try to hit, and that your brain craves, are reached sooner due to density. This is helpful in the quest for consuming less calories.
Second:  If you are intermittently fasting, it’s really hard to eat copious amounts. If you eat twice within 6 hours, or once day, that’s golden.  I dare you to try eating 2600 calories at once. Not really but, just sayin’…it takes impressive dedication.
Thirdly: Fasting quickly and comprehensively changes the feeling of fullness in you body, in a pleasant way. You will be happily surprised at how foods satiate you faster, for longer, and how quickly you regain your mid-day energy slump from the Netherworld. When I eat enough vegetables, drink a lot of water and approx. 30g of dietary fiber, I’ve actually had some trouble hitting my calorie goals.  Another happy consequence is healthy poops.
Fourth and lastly: THIS is why we are constantly dissuaded from fasting, and why the pharma companies want us sick.
They make money keeping us sick.  Drug companies and factory farms are in cahoots.  Through the monoculture system, pesticides they spray liberally, and through the necessity to produce quantity, instead of quality, farms have joined forces and lobbied with pharmaceuticals in order to get the FDA to tell US that we need three squares and a snack. They used the food pyramid, when I was a kid, which truly should be flipped on it’s head. No one can make money selling Lucky Charms, if the public isn’t eating breakfast.
How would we have survived throughout history if our bodies weren’t capable of sustaining life in times of famine.  The reason we have fat cells at all, is  firstly to produce hormones, but thennnn it’s to be ready for lean times.  I purposefully take fasts.
When our gut is resting, our horrmones have a chance to stop production, and we have the necessary time  and energy to get our bodies into autophagy, the process by which we destroy free radicals, recycle and regenerate other cells at the end of their life cycles to extract ketones as energy and reduce free falling waste in our bodies. Autophagy promotes natural HGH production, and is the time when we are in an active antiaging process for the body. The research shows that high rates of autophagy prevent the onset of Alzheimer’s, and may even prevent dementia all together.
Back to the FDA:
These are the people that told us not to eat fat of any kind, and dissuaded us from having nuts and avocados, the best keto snack foods in existence. This was in order to facilitate making money for both parties (Monoculture farms, and Pharmaceutical companies.)  Not in the interest of our health. If more people eat large amounts,  of fat free carb-rich foods, more lives depend on pharma drugs, and inevitably, die from metabolic syndrome. Drugs solve symptoms not real health issues. The only thing that does, is proper nutrition. Plain and simple.  Obesity is a symptom of a much larger issue at work, metabolic syndrome. More and more doctors are expressing the necessity to fix the the hormonal imbalance instead of cornering obese people and shaming them for addictive, habitual eating.  Why fix symptoms, and not basic hormonal imbalances, which create impulsive eating behavior, and cravings. We have been putting the horse before the cart when  it comes to the American Health Cartel (ahem… Industry)
 Eating sugar begets more sugar cravings, and contrary to popular belief, so do artificial sweeteners.  They provoke insulin response as easily as pure sugar, except are chemical garbage that your body simply cannot process, and so, get surrounded with water in the gut and cause inflammation. This decreases nutrient absorption in the colon, where most of the vital digestion occurs.  You are better off having sugar every so often. Or natural sweetnes, like stevia, which has been shown to have anti-fungal,anti-bacterial properties.
On that note, hormone, antibiotic and GMO-fed eggs, meat and dairy also provoke the body to react in way that damages DNA and has been shown to cause disease and cancer.  Eat real, healthy food all the time, as a priority.  “Expensive” food prevents EXPENSIVE drugs heart surgeries, insulin, needles, doctor visits, early onset demetia, epilepsy and most immediately felt, general physical discomfort.
The extremely delicious macros for my dinner tonight were:
2,043 cals
30 net carbs
150g fat
150g protein
40g fiber

Could have had more fat and less carbs, but for 1 meal today wasn’t bad.

Thank you for making it to the bottom!


To celebrate the rich, complex flavors of Indian cuisine, I present to you, a rich, complex voice. This is a recording of legendary Heldentenor Jon Vickers singing Recondita Armonia from Puccini’s Tosca, under the baton of Maestro Tullio Seraphin in July of 1961. He was 35.

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